Protect against IoT vulnerabilities and rising DDoS attacks. Your choice in data
center is a great place to start.

Proactive Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever.

As enterprises – especially those expanding globally – reshape their networks to capitalize on today’s IoT-fueled, user-driven landscape, cyber security presents a major opportunity for enterprises to gain a competitive edge. And for those that invest in status-quo practices, it’s a potential landmine that could lead to costly DDoS attacks, mission-critical failures and the loss of valuable market share.


Increase in DDoS Attacks Each Quarter

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What Option Does Your Company – and Your Brand – Have?

A smart choice in data center. As companies expand their networks and look to capitalize on IoT trends through solutions like edge computing, many put themselves at greater security risk. It’s important for enterprise IT teams to seek out safe, reliable paths for IoT and data center traffic. In this landscape, data centers that deliver compliant, secure and reliable connectivity offer companies the best brand protection and end-user experience.

Globally Compliant, Enterprise Trusted

Some 88% of IT leaders are concerned about data breaches. As a result, many are looking for proactive ways to safeguard their networks, and information security standards are solutions that often go overlooked. With vXchnge, enterprise networks are protected by ISO 27001, the world’s most widely accepted information security standard. ISO 27001 knits together a comprehensive security management system that includes people, processes and IT systems, all governed by strict risk-management protocol. Leveraging ISO 27001 gives companies a great foundation for building an information security program and building trust with international users and partners.

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A Complete Connectivity & DDoS Protection Solution

The number of DDoS attacks is rising and so are the costs to remediate them. For enterprises that have their websites or cloud-based solutions accessed daily, a connectivity solution that combines enhanced Internet access with built-in DDoS attack protection can provide simple, proactive threat security – like vXchnge’s vX\defend no-compromise IP solution. Companies can use vX\defend for their primary Internet connection or as a DR/back-up option, receiving bandwidth using industry-leading ISPs for increased resiliency and low latency.

How vXchnge increases your brand protection:

  • Compliance with the world’s most widely accepted information security standard
  • Increased connectivity with enhanced DDoS protection
  • Diverse routing & low latency
  • Accelerated traffic engineering
  • 24/7 network engineering support
  • Same-day provisioning

“Security and compliance, we need to ensure all of our customers’ data and technological requirements are met…”

– Murali Krishnan, Vice President of Technology Operations, MetricStream

“Ensures that our business will grow and stay up and running…”

– Joseph Jacobowitz, Senior Manager of IT Facilities & Telecommunications, B&H Photo

The best way to protect your company, users and brand against today’s next-level cyber threats is by being proactive. Start by learning where your network could most benefit from enhanced threat and connectivity protection.

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