IT Can Drive Savings and Green Initiatives Through Choice of Data Center

Is IT Missing an Easy Sustainability Win?

Sustainability is gaining importance for companies looking to stay competitive and compliant, especially as energy efficiency demands grow and become more sophisticated. This trend is driving many companies to seek out green solutions such as investing in greenhouse gas reduction initiatives or appointing officials and teams to be responsible for organization-wide sustainability. IT often goes overlooked as an area where enterprises can make sizable sustainability gains.


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10-year projection of data center energy savings driven by efficiency upgrades


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Amount of energy data centers have saved through efficiency improvements

vXchnge’s new-age data centers deliver customers more stable and reliable infrastructure environments that ensure network performance stays high and mitigates the risk of failure. By leveraging these next-generation environments and collecting green credits, vXchnge customers can turn their IT departments into key drivers of organizational sustainability and cost savings.

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Going Green…Through Data Centers?

Despite a massive spike in the demand for data center capacity over the last five years, total data center energy consumption has only nominally increased. Why? Because forward-thinking data center providers are adopting new-age efficiencies and renewable energy methods. As a result, many business executives and IT leaders are considering green data centers in order to maximize organizational sustainability and minimize environmental impact.

A Commitment to Green Power

While green initiatives within IT can take shape in a variety of ways, a company’s choice in data center can make a massive impact on organizational sustainability. vXchnge has been recognized in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Top 30 Tech and Telecom Companies list of green power users. vXchnge utilizes green power in many of their data centers, contributing to customers’ sustainability initiatives by implementing sustainable practices for efficient power usage and cooling operations as well as rewarding customers with “green” credits.

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Howdata centers help you achieve sustainability goals:

  • Compensation through the issue of green credits
  • Power savings through next-generation cooling and efficiency systems
  • Increased network stability and reliability driven by optimized thermal environments

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