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AMD's New Chip Could Deliver Better Processing For Less Money

By: Kayla Matthews on August 19, 2019

Some of the best advancements in human history have been because of competition. Whether it was a manned mission to the Moon or constantly surpassing Olympic records, humankind has gotten a lot of things better with time.

Technology, especially, has seen a massive boost in the last 50 or so years, going from computers that took up whole rooms to ones that can fit in your pocket. In the grand scheme of things, 50 years is a very short amount of time for such advancements to leap forward.

We're not done yet. Technology is still getting better and the main factor to thank for this progress is competition. The long-standing rivalry between Intel and AMD has created a processor unlike the world has ever seen. Let's think about this on a familiar scale.

Most laptops, these days, come with anywhere between two to five processing cores, and you know how well your laptop runs. The new AMD processor has 64 cores.

What Do Intel and AMD Develop?

Both Intel and AMD make central processing units or CPUs. Today, these processors are microchips that carry out computer programs. Everything your device does is handled by your CPU, including logic, arithmetic, input/output and all things that make the computer work as it should.

You've likely heard of Intel several times in the past, but AMD has only just come into the limelight a few years ago.

A long-time competitor with Intel, AMD has only recently started making processors that are the same or better than Intel's. Now, they've gone far beyond anything Intel's developed before, making long strides in our march of advancement at a very fast pace.

The AMD Rome & Intel Xeon

The Intel Xeon 8280 is the best processor that Intel has on the market right now. This processor has 28 cores, 56 threads and costs over $10,000. Meanwhile, AMD's best is the EPYC Rome 7742 with 64 processors, 128 threads and costs almost $7,000. With AMD, you get a better product for a cheaper cost.

While Rome 7742 is the best processor AMD has to offer, they still have better options than Intel's best. For example, their EPYC Rome 7452 has 32 processors, 64 threads and costs about $2,000. Put simply, one of AMD's processors that isn't even their best make is an 80 percent discount from Intel's best product.

AMD Rome Specs

One of the best things about the Rome is that it only goes into a single socket rather than two. The dual-socket allows for better performance, but the single-socket requires less power and cooling capacity, saving on physical server storage space for big companies.

Other than the 64 cores, this CPU also boasts up to 4TB of RAM. One TB or terabyte is 1000 GB or gigabytes. An HP laptop with three core Intel processors has a RAM of 8GB, just to put into perspective of how massive a 4TB RAM really is. There are also eight memory channels, 512 GB/s of PCIe bandwidth and 204 GB/s of DRAM bandwidth. Basically, this processor is amazing.

Get Your Own?

A lot of big businesses are going to start taking advantage of AMD's new processors soon, but that doesn't mean the average consumer will be left out. If you find that you need a 64 core processor in your life, for whatever reason, then you can find them for sale at many of AMD's partner's stores.

Regardless, the fact that anyone can now own a 64 core processor is mind-blowing and makes us all wonder what next corner we're going to turn in our technological achievements.


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