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The Benefits of Data Centers in Cloud Computing

By: Blair Felter on August 3, 2017

It’s no secret that cloud computing reduces complexity and boosts agility for corporate IT environments. Because the benefits of cloud services are so well-documented, many companies are evolving their approach to cloud deployments in order to derive maximum benefit. This has led to many businesses investing in colocation with a third-party data center. IT considerations for companies are fundamentally shifting toward a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective mindset, driving demand for both cloud computing and data center colocation. Combining the two is one of the many ways businesses are getting optimal value from their cloud deployments.  So how do third-party data centers offer substantial value to cloud computing investments?

Carrier-Agnostic Services

One of the largest benefits of cloud computing in data centers is the breadth of services available for customers, regardless of cloud provider. Having access to multiple carriers provides businesses with a choice of connectivity options to build edge-enabled applications and expand services. With a carrier-agnostic and non-competitive environment, it’s easy to leverage a diverse marketplace for increasing revenue generating opportunities. Furthermore, when businesses are able to knit together various cloud provider services based on their specific business requirements, they can:

  • Increase endpoints for broader coverage
  • Obtain quick turnaround for connections
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve latencies
  • Improve security, redundancy, and reliability

More Control and Power Over Network Management
Additionally, data centers can provide customers with a complete remote set of hands and eyes to augment IT staff. This allows data center customers to easily manage their cloud-based applications and IT network without having to shell out tons of IT capex. Furthermore, remote hand services give customers expert, round-the-clock IT technicians who can address cloud services for businesses on an as-needed basis. This delivers greater flexibility and value per maintenance dollar. When you have a highly experienced set of remote hands, you can ensure that your network is optimized for cloud computing. In addition, with the realized costs savings, businesses are free to invest in further cloud services to optimize their digital transformation.

Expert Insight Into Cloud Deployments

Because cloud deployments and digital transformations are new territory for many businesses, it pays to have experienced professionals on hand who specialize in supporting these processes. By utilizing the experience of technicians with dozens of cloud deployments under their belts in a range of industries, companies can ensure that transitioning workloads to the cloud will be as seamless as possible. Leveraging the collective experience of technicians who oversee and manage cloud deployments day in and day out will save in-house IT teams time and stress.

Third-party data centers can provide incredible value for businesses when it comes to shifting to the cloud. Carrier-agnostic services, access to expert-level remote hands and the combined experiences of cloud experts give businesses a competitive edge over companies that try and go their cloud-based digital transformation alone. One thing is certain: the cloud is growing, and if your company doesn’t participate, you can bet your competitors will. To help mitigate the work involved with deploying cloud-based assets, it pays to partner with a third-party data center. 

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