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By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on September 18th, 2014

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Carrier Neutral, Choice Positive: The New Data Center

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Philadelphia carrier neutralEverything-as-a-service (XaaS). It's the latest evolution of the idiom, and is what cloud providers extol as the ultimate expression of choice. The term eschews more “traditional” technology deployments, however — such as data centers — which are often viewed as a single use paradigm: companies buy space, then route network traffic through one approved carrier.

But there's change in offering — a new generation of carrier-neutral data centers that offer choice over conformity and the prospect of a consumer-driven marketplace.

The Three “C's” - Connectivity, Coverage and Community

According to a recent WallStreet and Technology article, there's a growing demand for carrier-neutral colocation data centers, especially among high frequency trading (HFT) companies. These low-latency traders require a combination of the three “C's” — connectivity, coverage and community to maximize transaction speeds and risk assessments.

Carrier-neutral data centers speak to each need. For example, location-based connectivity can see trading servers placed next to exchange-matching engines in colocation centers for minimal latency. Coverage across multiple locations lets firms run risk calculations from a single point but with large data sets to improve accuracy, while the community established by using the same carrier of choice at multiple sites means companies can tap into like-minded financial entities.

The “Fourth C” - Cellular

In this case, the “fourth C” stands for cellular. As noted by Telecom Lead, Norway-based Cloudberry Mobile is launching the world's first carrier-neutral cellphone service over the country's 2.6 Ghz spectrum. It works using “Small Cell” networks which are 3G/4G hubs in boxes the size of WiFi routers; these hubs form connections which allow them to address gaps in more traditional coverage.

Cloudberry's network, however, goes a step further: mobile devices will roam onto whichever network is strongest, providing the ideal, carrier-neutral experience for consumers. “While phones get smarter,” says CEO Tom Guldbeg, “the old problems of coverage blackspots and throttled data are in many cases getting worse.” Sound familiar? In data centers with just one carrier, consumers are at the mercy of these “old problems”.

Wolfe Takes a Bite

Seattle-based Ethernet service provider Wolfe is sinking its teeth into the carrier-neutral data center market by partnering with industry leader vXchnge to offer another high-quality choice for consumers. In three of the colo provider's east-coast data centers, Wolfe is establishing points-of-presence (POP) to provide IP and Ethernet services along with the ability to “peer” with the company's national network.

Ernest Sampera, CMO and Senior Vice president at vXchnge sums up his company's vision of a new data center model, describing the Wolfe partnership as “a prime example of our role as a marketplace for our customers and their cloud and network dependent applications.” That's the critical takeaway here — the evolution of carriers-as-a-service, whether it's Norwegian cell phone networks or U.S. data centers. Bottom line? Carriers and consumers alike want a marketplace of choice, not conformity.

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