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How to Choose the Right Data Center for Your Business, Part 2: 5 Considerations

By: Blair Felter on June 26, 2017

data center management

In the first part of this blog series, How to Choose the Right Data Center for Your Business Part 1: Defining Your Requirements, we outlined why you should never choose a data center based on price alone and explored five business requirements that you should bring to your search for the right data center. Today, we’ll look at how to evaluate data centers themselves. What differentiates colocation service providers, and what factors make the biggest difference to your business?

There are 15 considerations that should be part of your decision process. While it sounds like a long list, understanding where a data center stands on each of these components will help you determine if it’s the right partner for your business.

(Want to go deeper? We examine each of these elements in detail in our white paper, 3 Steps to Selecting the Right Data Center for Your Business: How to Choose a Data Center that Solves Problems and Adds Value.)

The top 5 things to consider when evaluating data center providers:

  1. Location of the data center.
  2. Physical security and access control.
  3. Facilities maintenance.
  4. Connectivity.
  5. Carrier neutrality.

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