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Cloud Computing Solutions and Their Impact on IT Agility

By: Ernest Sampera on September 8, 2014

Are you looking for ways of improving IT agility?

IT agility can be defined as the ability to move quickly and easily (aka “nimbleness”). These days technology departments are working hard to find ways that they can better assist companies by being more agile. They want to be more responsive and provide faster integration to the needs of the organization.

When groups of IT decision-makers from different corporations were asked in a VMWare business agility survey what they thought to be the true potential of cloud computing, the overwhelming answer was “business value”.

From the survey, 80% said they thought the agility is “moderately linked” to reducing cost and risk while improving revenue. 66% of the group said that business agility should be a key strategic priority.

What is cloud agility?

So, what does cloud agility actually mean? It’s the rapid provisioning of computer resources allowed by cloud. Cloud computing solutions make it possible to add compute instances and additional storage faster than traditional methods. Scaling to fit a company’s needs allows the company to become more agile.

Cloud agility helps business

By making an entire company more agile, cloud computing allows business units to quickly rollout new offerings. “If business units can see a direct correlation between cloud computing and stealing a march on the competition, funding will not be an issue. It never is when the business benefit is clear”, says Bernard Golden with

Real business benefit is key. This makes it easier to promote cloud than simply showing that it helps IT.

Agility also helps IT

A second way agility can help is by making IT more agile and allowing them to scale compute resources as needed. This type of cloud agility can enable software developers and quality assurance personnel to start work more quickly and has the potential to decrease overall project time.

IT optimization is great for the IT department, but it’s typically not as appreciated by other business units. In the end, it may be difficult to get additional funding for cloud strictly to improve IT agility.


Cloud computing solutions can give entire companies more agility. While using cloud computing solutions to help deploy new technologies is great, it will be an easier sell when it can be shown to help other business units as well.

Using cloud computing solutions, companies can add more value to their customers. They have an opportunity to wrap cloud solutions around physical products and services thereby adding more value.

As companies become more IT-infused, data and applications will play a more critical role in determining the successful companies in tomorrow’s economy.

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