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What Should Colocation Look Like in the Digital Era?

By: Blair Felter on October 12, 2017

Why Colocation in the Digital Era?

The challenge of optimizing organizational systems and processes for a technology-first marketplace — all while managing infrastructure and “keeping the lights on” — is leading many IT leaders to embrace hybrid environments that encompass a range of on-premise, remote and cloud deployments.

Hybrid IT provides a foundation to support businesses in the digital era. IT leaders are increasingly drawn to this model because it arms their teams with greater flexibility, enabling technicians to select and configure the optimal infrastructure based on their business’ needs.

As hybrid IT gains momentum, colocation data centers play an important role in deployments. Correction — the right colocation data centers play a key role.

Call-Out Stats:

68% of businesses say their hybrid IT environment includes some colocation services.1
70% say they will increase their colocation deployments in the next two years. 1

Frost & Sullivan Explore the Right Colocation Data Center

Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consulting company, recently published a report exploring the ever-growing relationship between hybrid IT environments and colocation as well as the business demands modern colocation data centers need to meet in the digital era. The report also analyzes vXchnge’s industry-best data center practices and modern facility design components, highlighting vXchnge as a model for the next-generation data center services today’s businesses require.

Frost & Sullivan’s vXchnge analysis includes:

  • Highlights of specific data center features that differentiate vXchnge as a colocation leader
  • Visual insights into vXchnge’s industry-leading user platform, in\site
  • Examination of the operational practices and facility design components critical to meeting vXchnge clients’ availability, security, compliance and cost-efficiency requirements

If you’re currently considering a colocation provider for your hybrid IT environment or interested in learning about how colocation services are evolving to meet modern business demands, Frost & Sullivan’s report is a valuable resource. Download Frost & Sullivan’s full report here.

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