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How to Retain Control With Data Center Monitoring Software

By: Tom Banta on June 6, 2019

When colocating equipment with a data-center-as-a-service (DCaaS) provider, organizations need to retain enough visibility over their infrastructure to evaluate key metrics that allow them to make decisions quickly. Whether it’s responding to changes in network traffic, scaling capacity, or addressing unexpected problems, colocation customers rely on state-of-the-art data center monitoring software to provide real-time information about their valuable assets.

Today’s sophisticated DCIM software offers unprecedented transparency into a colocation data center environment. With data center software tools like vXchnge’s award-winning in\site platform, customers don’t need to wait for one of their technicians to travel to the data center itself before making critical IT decisions. By simply opening a client portal, they can gain the same degree of visibility at any hour, across any distance.

How to Retain Control With Data Center Monitoring Software

Assess Performance

Once servers are deployed in a data center environment, the last thing companies want to do is ignore how their hardware and networks are performing over time. Colocation costs can be heavily impacted by how much power a server is drawing on a regular basis, how much cooling it requires, and how much bandwidth it’s utilizing. With data center monitoring software, all of this critical information is available on demand through a customer portal equipped with server monitoring tools. This data can be used to better optimize network design and server deployment, which can deliver substantial cost savings. In some cases, customers can look in on their assets using their mobile phones (check out vXchnge’s new in\site mobile app for an example). The ability to assess server and network performance at any time helps customers ensure that their colocated assets are always optimized and meeting the highest (and most cost-efficient) performance standards.

Track Assets

Of course, simply knowing where colocated assets are at any given time is oftentimes just as important as evaluating their performance. The modern data center is a complex environment. While it’s unlikely that a provider will actually lose track of a server, the equipment’s location in the data center matters. If a technician accesses a cabinet or moves a server from one rack to another, data center monitoring software can send an alert notification directly to the customer thanks to RFID tags placed on the equipment itself and the cabinet door. At the touch of a button, colocation customers can find out exactly where their valuable assets are located using data center software and access a record of when they were last moved and where they were moved from.

Manage Access

In an age where good data management can mean the difference between a company’s success or failure, it’s imperative that an organization maintains strict control over who can access their valuable data and the infrastructure that stores it. With data center monitoring software, colocation customers gain extensive control over the logical security protocols that protect their data. If an organization needs to grant access to a new employee or restrict access when someone moves into a new job position, there’s no need to go through an extensive back and forth process with a colocation provider. The customer can simply update their access list remotely using DCIM tools, ensuring that data center security personnel have the real-time data they need to ensure that only authorized individuals can access colocated assets.

Respond to IT Problems

When something goes wrong in a company’s network, the first impulse is usually to turn to the IT department to fix the problem. Unfortunately, this option isn’t always available to colocation customers. Their assets may be colocated in a data center far away from the primary office where the IT department is located. Even if it is close, technicians must still travel to the facility and pass through multiple layers of security until they even have a chance to assess the problem. Data center monitoring software like vXchnge’s in\site not only alerts colocation customers when something goes wrong, but it also allows them to make an initial evaluation of the problem and create a support ticket for a remote hands technician to address the problem immediately. With these server monitoring tools, customers can leverage remote hands personnel to function as an extension of their own IT departments, allowing them to respond to network and infrastructure challenges before they develop into serious problems that could cause extended downtime.

Colocating equipment in a data center environment allows organizations to take advantage of infrastructure, connectivity, and security resources far beyond what they could build and manage for themselves. With the latest in data center management software, they can also retain unparalleled visibility into that environment. Rather than handing over their servers and hoping for the best, customers can continually monitor their equipment and reevaluate the best way to deploy their assets over time. Armed with data center software that provides extensive metrics about network and computing performance, they can make changes to their infrastructure or adopt new strategies that will allow them to meet their most pressing business needs. Knowledge is power, and data center monitoring software is designed to provide all the knowledge customers could ask for regarding their valuable IT assets.

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