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Why Data Centers Are Now Essential for Business Longevity

By: Kayla Matthews on April 20, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues causing global disruptions, more businesses and individuals are acutely aware of how data centers — or at least the sites and services they facilitate — are crucial.

Since so many companies cannot serve in-person guests, many would not have cash flow at all if not for the data centers that let them continue assisting customers online. 

The Coronavirus Pandemic Changed How People Use the Internet

The New York Times recently published a fascinating piece that showed internet usage changes since the coronavirus outbreak began. For example, Facebook, YouTube and Netflix have all seen desktop usage go up while mobile traffic fell. The article suggests that since so many people are stuck at home with their computers readily accessible, they realize staring at a small screen isn't ideal.

The coverage also revealed how people are especially eager to get news updates. They prioritize local outlets, while traffic at partisan news sites is down. Many individuals also once primarily accessed the internet as a way to relax after work or school. However, with many workplaces and schools now closed, individuals rely on the internet so they can continue to earn income or get the credits they need to graduate. 

Many everyday users of the apps and sites that keep them entertained probably don't think about the data centers in the background, filled with the equipment that keeps the sites functional during traffic spikes. As the coronavirus pandemic became more severe, however, data center operators had to put new plans in place to ensure employee safety while enabling uninterrupted services.

For example, Aruba S.p.A. is a hyperscale data center in Bergamo, Italy. It has hundreds of clients across Italy and Central Europe. All staff at the facility began working from home and found they could remain productive while doing so. The company also implemented new procedures for on-site tasks, such as increased disinfection and wearing personal protective equipment. It established a task force to monitor the situation every day and respond as needed, too.

Now is a time when people around the world want the comfort of still being able to rely on some familiar things. Data centers make that possible. So many companies are now going online to meet people's needs or reminding them how the services they've always offered are now especially relevant. Consistent service gives peace of mind to businesses, as well as the consumers that use them. 

Data Centers Let Companies Continue to Operate

Leaders at the country and state level issued rules specifying which businesses are "essential," and can thereby keep operating despite coronavirus-related closure orders. California was one of the states where the governor decided that data centers could remain operational during the state's lockdown. 

That decision impacts companies that already have a strong online presence, as well as those enterprises that shift to online-only operations to keep cash coming in during the COVID-19 crisis. Data center solutions are exceptionally beneficial for hard-hit industries, such as construction. Websites can help brands in that sector get potential customers acquainted with new opportunities. 

For example, with construction work temporarily halted at many sites around the world, construction companies find themselves dealing with constricted budgets and looking for ways to save money. There are many resources out there explaining how companies can cut costs for their construction equipment investments without sacrificing quality. 

Also, some tech companies are offering business solutions so that brands that have not operated online before can start doing it now. For example, a company called Q-KANGAROO based in Dundalk, Ireland, began offering its food ordering and payment app to area restaurants for free. Then, those establishments could set up a system where a person picks up their prepared food at a specified time and does not need to exchange money or wait in line. 

Remote Data Center Monitoring and Management Apps Support Social Distancing

Social distancing requirements mean that on-site staff providing data center business solutions must operate differently. Many heavily rely on apps that allow them to check and tweak what's happening in a physical facility from home. Some colocation providers also give the apps to their customers to increase visibility. 

Sunbird Software, which specializes in monitoring software for customers using data centers, also offered health care brands a free one-year subscription to their services. The move helps ensure those vital businesses stay online without hiccups. 

Data Center Solutions Offer Stability in Unsettling Times

The COVID-19 pandemic means many businesses face uncertain futures. Fortunately, they can still depend on data centers and explore how those facilities could help their businesses persist and meet customers' needs. 

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