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Employee Spotlight: Chris Longo

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on September 27, 2019

chris longo employee spotlight

Chris Longo is the Director of Customer Success and has been with vXchnge since March of 2014. Chris works out of the Philadelphia office and data center location and he is responsible for leading the Customer Success Team. Chris enjoys leading and working with the Customer Success Managers, to ensure that it is easy for our customers to work with us. When Chris isn’t at work, he likes spending time with his friends and staying active, but his favorite thing to do is to hang out with his wife Natalie, whom he married this summer, and their 3 year old dog Minnie!

Why do you enjoy working at vXchnge?

I enII enjoy working at vXchnge because of so many things. So many in fact, that this list will be incomplete because it is far too long. Here are a few reasons why I enjoy working here! The people at vXchnge are amazing. Everyone is always willing to help one another out so that we’re all successful. The service we provide is outstanding. We have incredible customers that are a pleasure to work with and the accolades they’ve given us through testimonials and online reviews make me proud to be a vXchnge employee. Our leadership team is available to us and they are invested in the success of our company and the success of our people. To conclude, my team and their dedication to our cause makes me get up every day and want to be great, for them and for vXchnge.


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love that almost all of my days are never the same at vXchnge, and I get the opportunity to work with fantastic people every single day as well (Customers and coworkers). I not only get the chance to learn something new each day about our industry, but I learn a lot about my customers’ industries as welDo you have a favorite mdWhat wouldIf you could witness any histoical eventWho has had the biggest influence on your life?Any CrossFit event.  Local events/Wodapalooza, I cheer on my friends from CrossFit KOP; Larger scale events – Cody Mooney, Nick Urankar, Cassidy Lance-Mcwherter

My parents, without a doubt. Without their sacrifice, guidance and love, I would not be the man I am today or be as successful as I am today. I owe them more than I could ever repay. 


What is one object you feel like you could sell to anyone?

Running Shoes! I worked for Adidas for many years when I was younger, selling shoes and apparel - I think that I’d be able to sell the right shoes, for the right need, to the right person, with ease! Selling sneakers is where I developed a passion for wanting to help customers become successful in what they’re trying to achieve. It might have been that they were competitively running a marathon, they ran occasionally to stay in shape, or they were going walking around their neighborhood. Everyone needs the right pair of running shoes.

So I ride a bike regularly, but I am working on lifting weights much more often. As we get older, strength and stability become very importan

How do you prefer to start your day?

I like to wake up early, go downstairs and grab a cup of coffee, get the dog her breakfast, eat my breakfast and read for a little bit about industry related news, customers or about how to be a better leader.    

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