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Employee Spotlight: Kaylie Gyarmathy

By: Blair Felter on October 26, 2018

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Kaylie Gyarmathy has been with vXchnge since August of 2017 and works out of our headquartered office in Tampa, Florida. As the Marketing Coordinator for vXchnge, Kaylie handles the coordination and logistics of trade shows and events. She is also responsible for social media marketing and brand promotion through various outlets. Kaylie enjoys creatively developing new ways and events to capture the attention of the vXchnge audience. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time at the beach, boating, and playing with her puppy, Mia!

Why do you enjoy working at vXchnge?

I enjoy working at vXchnge because it is so fast paced and everyday brings new challenges. In Marketing, things are constantly changing so each day never looks the same as the day prior. It also gives me an opportunity to be creative and I love how open minded my team is to new ideas and ways that we can grow the vXchnge brand. 

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If you could have dinner with anybody, deceased or alive, who would it be?

I would love to have dinner with Elvis Presley! I toured Graceland in Memphis a few years ago and it was so cool. My grandma was absolutely obsessed with him and it rubbed off on me a little bit. 

You just won a free two-week vacation to anywhere in the world! Where are you going?

Definitely Bora Bora. I have always dreamed of going there to explore, go hiking,  scuba dive (even swim with sharks - that's on the bucketlist), and stay in an over-the-water tiki hut! It's just so beautiful there. 

What is your go-to movie?

Pretty Woman! That will forever be my favorite movie. Plus, you can't not like Julia Roberts.

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