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Employee Spotlight: Maria Uram

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on July 12, 2019

Maria Uram Employee Spotlight (1)Maria Uram is the Vice President of Human Resources and has been with vXchnge for 5.5 years, since vXchnge’s infancy. Maria works out of the Secaucus, NJ office. As the VP, HR, Maria ensures Human Resources delivers excellent and prompt service and products to our employees (HR’s internal customers). From an employee’s first day of employment to their last, Maria helps ensure that vXchnge’s employees, their most valuable resource, needs are meet. Maria believes that people make and sell products, work with customers and collaborate on decisions. A primary way HR adds value to a company is by promoting this link and persuading company leaders to train and develop employees and reward strong performance. When she’s not working, Maria spends time with family, or on the beach (her happy place), power walking or shopping in NYC with her daughter. 

Why do you enjoy working at vXchnge?

I am truly proud of the organization and the dedicated, hardworking employees I work with and have met along the way.


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love that almost all of my days are never the same at vXchnge, and I get the opportunity to work with fantastic people every single day as well (Customers and coworkers). I not only get the chance to learn something new each day about our industry, but I learn a lot about my customers’ industries as welDo you have a favorite mdDo you have a favorite newspaper or magazine?

I often tend to read and look at Harper’s Bazaar. Besides my love of people and employment law, my other love is fashion.  


What is one object you couldn't live without? 

Like so many other people and working Mom's, my cell phone.  


What book did you read last that you would recommend?

Currently reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.    

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