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Employee Spotlight: Mehul Patel

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on July 5, 2019

mehul patel Employee SpotlightMehul Patel is a Network Operation Center (NOC) Technician and has been with vXchnge since December of 2015 and works out of Secaucus, New Jersey. As the NOC Technician for vXchnge, Mehul is responsible for the monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting any network issue internally or customer related.

Why do you enjoy working at vXchnge?

I enjoy working here because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other.


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love that almost all of my days are never the same at vXchnge, and I get the opportunity to work with fantastic people every single day as well (Customers and coworkers). I not only get the chance to learn something new each day about our industry, but I learn a lot about my customers’ industries as welWhat places have you lived, and what has been your favorite?

I was born  and raised in India until I was 15. Lots of memories attached, I would love to go there on vacation. I have lived in Union City, Edison and now in Sayreville, NJ. I think Union City was the best because of all the different cultures living there where they all had one goal - to make their life better in America. They were very friendly, loving, and caring people. The best part was the food and shopping on Bergen Line Avenue.  


What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I like to work in or around the house, watch movies and play golf.  


Which one would you want most - flying cars or robot housekeepers?

Definitely flying cars...    

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