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Employee Spotlight: Nubia Generelli

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on March 15, 2019

Employee Spotlight Nubia Generelli joined vX in August 2015 and works out of our office in Secaucus, New Jersey. As the Credit and Collections Manager, Nubia communicates with customers regarding the accuracy of their invoices, payments details, as well as all aspects of account receivables. She works very closely with our Sales and Billing teams to ensure we get paid as soon as possible, and that we have a good financial position with cash flow. She is also responsible for visiting customers nationwide to ensure the service and billing are aligned with the customer expectations. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling worldwide -- her most recent trip was to Patagonia.

Why do you enjoy working at vXchnge?

I enjoy working at vXchnge because we are like a family.  We have all types of personalities, and knowledge, but we leave the ego at the front door.  We all are very passionate about what we do.  We handle different aspects of the business with one goal in common - to succeed.  We can do all of that and still find time to occasionally grab lunch as a team.

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If money wasn't a concern, what is a hobby you would be more involved in?

Counseling. It is my calling and my passion to help troubled teenagers struggling with life’s difficulties to adapt with the transition from child to adult.  Helping them understand their thoughts, their behaviors and their feelings, allows them to succeed in life.

What was the best vacation you have ever been on?

My best vacation was last year.  Cruising to the Bahamas with my children and grandchildren. AMAZING!  It was our first vacation together with their own families.  Don’t get me wrong, the weather was fantastic!

What is a skill you have that most people would be surprised to hear?

Listening.  It is sad that life is moving so fast that we don’t take the time to listen to our friends, our family, our co-workers (second family). There is so much to be learned just by listening.

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