Kaylie Gyarmathy

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on March 22nd, 2019

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Employee Spotlight: Pete Burns

Employee Spotlight

Pete Burns

Pete Burns has been with vXchnge since August 2012 and in the Data Center industry for the past 19 years. He leads the Buffalo Sales team that works and grows our company’s Small-to-Medium sized businesses (approximately 300 accounts) as well as New Business Development. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 sons hiking and playing golf.

Why do you enjoy working at vXchnge?

On a daily basis, we get a taste of what’s to come, working with customers that are on the cutting edge of technology, meeting talented and innovative people across a broad range of industries and having the opportunity to learn and grow.

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What is your dream job, if money was no object?

I love coaching middle school and high school aged kids in baseball and basketball and would do it full-time if I could – you really have an impact on their lives and see them grow and develop from children to young adults.

What is one object you feel like you could sell to anyone?

The iPhone – that is, to everyone except my parents who are technologically impaired.  They literally just got rid of their yellow rotary phone.

What is the most unusual place you've ever been?

Costa Rica. It’s a beautiful country - we journeyed to Rainforests, a Volcano and an Ocean. 3 biospheres in 3 days: truly an amazing place!

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About Kaylie Gyarmathy

As the Marketing Manager for vXchnge, Kaylie handles the coordination and logistics of tradeshows and events. She is responsible for social media marketing and brand promotion through various outlets. She enjoys developing new ways and events to capture the attention of the vXchnge audience.

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