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Employee Spotlight: Wendy Shelton

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on May 31, 2019

Wendy Shelton Employee SpotlightWendy Shelton is a Sales Specialist with our sales team in Buffalo, NY and has been with vXchnge since April, 2015. As a sales representative, she supports customers in her base nationwide but has more focused accounts in the Austin and Nashville regions. Traveling to these cities and meeting customers in person is one of her favorite parts of her job at vXchnge! It's fascinating to learn the various ways that Wendy's customers utilize our data centers and how crucial our services are to their overall success. When she's not working, Wendy enjoys travel adventures with friends and family, Bruce Springsteen and E-Street Band concerts, and maintains the forever hope that SOMEDAY soon the Buffalo Bills will again be a Super Bowl contender!

Why do you enjoy working at vXchnge?

I enjoy working for vXchnge because our customers are so diverse and each have a unique way of utilizing our data centers. It's always fun to learn about their business!

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love that almost all of my days are never the same at vXchnge, and I get the opportunity to work with fantastic people every single day as well (Customers and coworkers). I not only get the chance to learn something new each day about our industry, but I learn a lot about my customers’ industries as wel

If you could go back to any moment in time, what moment would it be?

I sure appreciated being 14 - hardly a care or responsibility in the world and my parents had quarter horses, so a good trail-ride each night was the best ticket in town!


What is your favorite restaurant to eat at and what do you order? 

My favorite restaurant is this BBQ place in Gruene, Texas called The Gristmill and they make the best brisket! 


If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

The world changes so much all the time anyway, but perhaps I would bring back the old MTV with real music videos.    

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