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Employee Spotlight: Yuriy Bychkov

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on August 16, 2019


Yuriy Bychkov Employee Spotlight

Yuriy is a Network Engineer and has been with vXchnge since June of 2014 and works out of our New York office in Manhattan. As a Network Engineer for vXchnge, Yuriy is responsible for supporting vXchnge's network infrastructure - both internal, as well as customer facing equipment. Along with the rest of the Network Engineering team, Yuriy is always looking to the future - planning and designing ahead of time is the key of a stable and scalable network. Yuriy provides support to the vXchnge NOC team, as well as vXchnge customers that require his assistance with any problems. When he's not working, Yuriy enjoys going for bike rides on the boardwalk or spends time with his family at the local beach.

Why do you enjoy working at vXchnge?

The people. Everyone is supportive and excited to help. It’s motivating and encouraging to be in an environment where there is such a wealth of knowledge and support. I also love the opportunity vXchnge creates for innovation and creativity on daily basis.ThThe main reason I enjoy working at vXchnge is because of the family-like environment where everybody is there for each other. Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the same mission.


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love that almost all of my days are never the same at vXchnge, and I get the opportunity to work with fantastic people every single day as well (Customers and coworkers). I not only get the chance to learn something new each day about our industry, but I learn a lot about my customers’ industries as welDo you have a favorite mdWhat wouldIf you could witness any histoical eventIf you could pick up one skill, what would it be?

Coding. I believe that coding is basic literacy in modern digital age. It is important for everyone to understand and be able to work with the technology around them.  


If you could live in any city, where would it be? 

Frankly speaking, I really love the place where I live right now - NYC. There are many beautiful places that you can go and each one has its charm - parks, museums, beaches and historical places - you name it!  


What is your favorite family tradition?

Our family loves cooking, and we constantly try to improve our culinary skills. So once or twice a month we choose a country and prepare a dish from a national cuisine. One dinner can be Mexican, the other Italian or Indian.    

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