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Why Enterprises Turn to Data Centers

By: Blair Felter on June 7, 2017

The short answer is growth and reach. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Companies turn to public or third-party data centers for several reasons, chief among them are the interconnectivity that top-flight data centers provide and the flexibility to facilitate whatever security procedures you use for your systems and colocated equipment. Not all data centers are the same, of course.

Some are carrier dependent or lack the broad connectivity required for carrier neutrality. Others put limits on the security procedures that you have planned for your system and equipment. At vXchnge, we make a point of carrier neutrality and provide a wide array of options for interconnections to anywhere your system needs to go. Security is another area where we specialize in your needs, rather than our own.


Interconnectivity is another factor making trusted third-party data centers attractive to companies today. By choosing to colocate equipment at an off-site, purpose-built facility, enterprises benefit from having a wider selection of carrier and service options and more flexibility and leverage in setting terms with providers. With a third-party data center, the connectivity is a simple cross connect, giving businesses the most secure flexibility and accessibility they can find.

Security and Compliance

The widespread adoption of cloud-based applications and mobile devices has fundamentally changed the technology used by companies today, especially for security and compliance. Because more users are accessing more networks from more locations and devices, maintaining the compliance and security of corporate networks has become an exercise in minimizing risk. In-house teams are already challenged with staying on top of shifting hardware and software trends, often relegating network security and compliance to a lower priority. Many companies are leveraging third-party data centers to house their network security and compliance risk and free up in-house resources for more strategic tasks.

The bottom line for why more companies are adopting third-party data centers is the need for more choices and more opportunities to grow when their business needs change. This, combined with the increasing complexity of network reach and maintaining security and compliance, means companies need expert-level resources that can be hard to find or retain. In a purpose-built environment like a vXchnge data center, companies can determine best-fit carrier options designed for any business requirement.

Could your organization’s system use the security options and interconnectivity at a top-flight data center? Talk with a vXchnge expert today and see if we can help your business grow. 

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