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By: Blair Felter on June 1st, 2017

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Fact or Fiction? 7 Data Center Trends Revealed

Data Center

The Uptime Institute recently surveyed more than 1,000 data center executives and end users from around the globe to understand the state of the data center industry in 2017. You can watch the webinar to hear their analysis of their findings, or simply check out our info-graphic, Fact or Fiction? 7 Data Center Trends Revealed.

We waded through the data for you and pulled out the stats that reveal the most interesting and surprising trends. 7 Data Center Trends Revealed answers your most burning data center questions, including:

· What percentage of IT assets are really moving to the cloud?

· Where are the majority of enterprise IT assets currently deployed?

· What percentage of respondents describe their deployment decision-making process as “incoherent”?

· How concerned is IT management with downtime and root cause analysis?

· Are application failover strategies worth the risk?

You could sit through a 45-minute webinar, or you could get all the facts and findings right here. Learn what your peers are doing, where the industry’s going, and what’s hype vs. reality in Fact or Fiction? 7 Data Center Trends Revealed.

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