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How in\site Intelligent Monitoring is Redefining Colocation

By: Tom Banta on October 23, 2020

As more and more organizations transition to remote work environments, it’s more important than ever to find a data center solution that provides the right combination of transparency, control, and security. This is especially true of companies migrating from on-premises deployments where they oversaw every aspect of their infrastructure stack. Fortunately, the best colocation providers can deliver the versatility they require thanks to innovative intelligent monitoring platforms.

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What is Intelligent Monitoring?

While most colocation data centers provide some form of infrastructure monitoring, the information they provide to customers is often outdated and incomplete. Rather than providing a real-time look at performance data, they give historical overviews that lack the granular detail necessary to make meaningful decisions regarding a colocation deployment. In some cases, data center managers have access to more complete data that they deliberately withhold from customers. Identifying the current status of colocated assets may be difficult as well. In some cases, customers must submit an IT ticket just to have someone verify the location and status of a server on the data floor.

Intelligent monitoring takes a more sophisticated and transparent approach. Instead of withholding information or only taking occasional snapshots of key performance metrics, intelligent monitoring systems continuously gather information from the data center environment and make it readily available. The guiding principles of intelligent monitoring are visibility and control: customers need to have visibility into their deployment environment in order to truly have control over their network. Intelligent monitoring focuses on delivering real-time performance data in a customizable format that allows customers to manage their IT infrastructure effectively.

What is in\site?

in\site is an award-winning infrastructure monitoring platform built from the ground up to provide complete transparency and control over colocated assets. Accessible through an online web portal, API integration, or mobile app, in\site delivers a fully customizable 360° view of the data center environment over a single pane of glass, complete with the performance analytics and real-time data today’s companies need to make faster, more informed decisions.

Our goal in developing in\site was to help vXchnge customers focus on what really matters to their business, allowing them to look beyond foundational data center needs like space, power, and cooling. That’s why in\site is more than just a DCIM system, an access control system, a billing system, and a service management system. It’s all of those things and more, delivering a holistic package that helps organizations manage their complex systems and essential technologies in a remote data center environment without sacrificing any visibility, control, or performance.

Top 10 Benefits of in\site Intelligent Monitoring

Monitor Power and Bandwidth Usage

The in\site platform delivers real-time information on current asset performance as well as historical data that can be accessed at any time. With the power of in\site, colocation customers are never in the dark about how much power or bandwidth their deployment is consuming. They see what our data center managers see. This unprecedented transparency allows customers to better plan for capacity growth and identifies performance issues before they have a chance to drive up colocation costs.

  • View power and bandwidth usage in real-time through a single, easy-to-use portal.
  • Monitor how much power your assets are using over any length of time.
  • Evaluate power consumption at the cabinet, rack, or asset level for maximum optimization.
  • Track bandwidth utilization over time to identify peak traffic periods.

Customized Notifications

In addition to providing a full range of intelligent monitoring capabilities, in\site also allows users to customize their portal to receive notifications and alerts in real-time. Setting a power usage threshold, for instance, ensures that they will know precisely when their infrastructure is using more power than normal, allowing them to address the issue immediately rather than waiting to find out why their power usage spiked a month after the fact. With in\site’s customizable notifications, colocation customers can identify the important performance metrics they want to track and get up-to-the-second information about their deployment’s current status.

  • Set power usage thresholds to receive notifications when your assets are drawing additional power.
  • Establish bandwidth caps to find out when your network’s demands are ready for increased bandwidth.
  • Receive service advisory notifications for scheduled maintenance.
  • Get alerts delivered straight to you whenever your assets are accessed, altered, or moved.
  • Set access list notifications to monitor who enters and leaves the data center or logs into the in\site platform.
  • Schedule reminders for routine maintenance and account billing.

Interactive Data Floor Plan

Thanks to in\site’s data floor monitoring, vXchnge customers can see where their assets are physically located in our data centers at any time. Our interactive data center floor plan makes it easy to manage cabinets, power circuits, and cross-connects. in\site leverages RFID technology to track your asset locations and status in real-time. Customers receive an instant alert whenever a server is accessed or moved from one rack to another.

  • Track IT asset location in real-time with RFID technology.
  • View interactive data center floor plans.
  • Manage asset location and information within cabinets.
  • View complete colocation inventory in real-time.
  • Receive complete reports on which IT assets were accessed, who accessed them, when they were accessed, and why they were accessed.

Real-Time User Access Controls

Whether it’s determining who is authorized to set foot within the data center, physically access server cabinets, or log-in to the in\site portal, maintaining real-time control over access credentials and user authorizations is critically important for risk management and mitigation. With in\site, customers can easily add people to their list of authorized personnel, whether it’s granting them ongoing credentials or restricting their access by hour, by day, or even by cabinet. Adding or removing employee credentials can be accomplished entirely within the in\site portal. There’s no need to contact anyone or wait for changes to be approved or recognized.

  • Manage physical and remote access lists in real-time.
  • Grant or restrict permissions to employees and vendors as needed to ensure continuous, secure operations.
  • Instantly see changes to authorization lists.
  • Generate reports on user authorizations and past data center visits.
  • Gain an accurate picture of who has access to your mission-critical assets at any given time.

24x7x365 Remote Hands Support

The vXchnge remote hands team allows customers to turn the incredible visibility provided by in\site into meaningful action. Our teams of expert technicians are on-site 24x7x365 to serve as an extension of in-house IT teams. Submitting an IT support ticket is as easy as selecting the asset from an inventory list or clicking on its icon on the data center floor plan. From there, customers can automatically send all listed information about the hardware, flag an issue, and submit the ticket for rapid resolution.

  • Create, submit, and track IT support tickets in real-time to get the support you need fast.
  • Auto-populate information about your assets with a single click of a button.
  • Process your tickets faster and ensure the remote hands team has all the information they need to address the task quickly and accurately.
  • Manage your IT assets without setting foot inside the data center, which is now essential as remote work arrangements more common than ever before.

Compliance Reporting

in\site makes it easier than ever before to access data center compliance reports and attestations. Many colocation providers force customers to wait for days or even weeks while their legal team reviews compliance report requests. With in\site, the most up-to-date data center compliance reports can be accessed and downloaded at the touch of a button to ensure customers never have to wait to verify compliance.

  • SSAE 18
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • PCI DSS 3.2

Service Update Alerts

From power and bandwidth utilization to notifications about upcoming data center maintenance activity or service advisories, in\site provides customers with the same “top-to-bottom” infrastructure view that we use to manage our facilities. We’re constantly developing new and exciting features to make in\site even more effective. Our customers are the first to know about any changes we make and have the opportunity to provide the valuable feedback we depend on to improve their data center experience

  • Get updates on maintenance activity.
  • Stay in the loop with service advisory notifications.
  • Be the first to learn about new colocation services.
  • Provide feedback to help improve the in\site platform.

New Service Provisioning

Through the in\site portal, customers can provision additional interconnections, increase their bandwidth capacity, or instantly connect to our colocation experts to scale their resources to meet future needs. Customers can also receive and pay colocation invoices directly through the in\site platform to minimize paperwork and ensure that their account is always up-to-date.

  • Add new colocation services quickly and easily.
  • Receive and pay your invoices online for maximum security.
  • View and track your sales and service orders.
  • Submit cross-connect orders directly to the site for installation; no need to wait for them to be created or signed by your account executive.

Full API Integration

Many enterprises already have an IT platform in place to manage their assets. Thanks to the in\site API, they can push all of the data gathered by in\site into their existing system to provide them with the same level of transparency and control of any other in\site user. Our innovative API technology provides a frictionless integration between systems, ensuring that customers are always able to manage their colocated assets effectively.

Mobile Accessibility

Launched in 2019, the in\site Mobile app brings a new level of transparency and control to our customers’ smartphones. With the app, they can instantly check power and bandwidth usage on the go and receive critical threshold notification alerts.

  • Manage and monitor access remotely.
  • Monitor power/bandwidth utilization.
  • Submit and manage support tickets 24x7x365.
  • Monitor and track deployment in real-time.
  • Receive maintenance and service advisory notifications.

in\site and Your Colocation Costs

By delivering comprehensive transparency and control over their IT deployment, in\site helps our customers manage their colocation effectively. Real-time performance data makes it possible to see how power and bandwidth are being consumed, which allows customers to better optimize their network assets.

in\site is such an essential component of our colocation services that we provide it to all customers at no additional charge. Information isn’t a luxury or a special feature when it comes to IT infrastructure: it’s a necessity. That’s why we rely on in\site to keep us connected to our colocation customers no matter how they utilize the platform.

Experience the in\site difference for yourself by signing up today for a FREE demo. If you want to know more about how in\site can help you manage your colocation costs more effectively, talk to one of our data center experts.

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