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How Intelligent Monitoring Can Transform Your IT Deployment

By: Tom Banta on October 16, 2020

Performance is everything when it comes to today’s digital infrastructure. Organizations can no longer afford to get by with inefficient, unreliable data solutions that leave them wondering whether or not they’re getting the most out of their IT potential. Thanks to innovations in intelligent monitoring tools, however, modern data centers are providing the information necessary to create the next generation of digital experiences.

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What is Intelligent Monitoring?

Intelligent monitoring leverages Internet of Things (IoT) functionality and powerful analytics to deliver a customizable, 360° view of IT infrastructure and performance in real-time. Available 24x7x365, intelligent monitoring provides actionable business intelligence data that allows organizations to make better, faster decisions about their infrastructure and their network.

Typically incorporated into a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform, intelligent monitoring tools deliver unmatched transparency and control when it comes to managing assets, security, and network services. For colocation customers, intelligent monitoring provides a window into their deployment, allowing them to see everything happening within their infrastructure in even greater detail than would be possible with an on-premises solution.

Why Data Center Monitoring is Important

Today’s organizations depend heavily upon their technology stack. They need to build their networks atop reliable infrastructure that delivers high levels of uptime and data availability to ensure that they’re able to meet customer expectations. Unfortunately, building and maintaining that infrastructure is both costly and time-consuming. Most companies simply can’t afford to build the hyperscale data centers that support some of the world’s most successful companies.

By placing their IT assets within a colocation data center, however, organizations can gain the benefits of a state-of-the-art facility while also converting their burdensome CapEx costs to much more manageable OpEx costs. In addition to reliable infrastructure backed by the provider’s SLA, they also get access to a broader world of connectivity options in terms of ISPs and cloud services.

Migrating into a third-party data center environment sometimes brings with it concerns about transparency. Many IT professionals are hesitant to give up direct control over their assets. They may also express concerns that the OpEx savings will be difficult to measure due to inconsistent power and bandwidth billing.

Intelligent monitoring can alleviate these concerns by providing high levels of visibility into colocated assets. Users can monitor power and bandwidth consumption over time to ensure that the facility is delivering the benefits it promised. They can also see where their assets are located and coordinate with data center personnel to make any necessary changes.

5 Data Center Tools for Better Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-Time Power/Bandwidth Monitoring

Perhaps the greatest advantage of intelligent monitoring tools is the ability to monitor power and bandwidth utilization. This is a key cost driver in data center deployments; no one wants to be stuck paying for more power or bandwidth than they need, but they also want to know when they need to prepare to scale capacity to meet demand. With intelligent monitoring, colocation customers can monitor power and bandwidth usage in real-time to get a better sense of where they can improve efficiency and when they need to add more hardware or change their bandwidth plan.

API Integration

Many organizations already have some form of IT management system in place when they decide to migrate into a data center environment. Employees are accustomed to the existing system and there may also be important cybersecurity or regulatory reasons for keeping that platform in place. Thanks to API technology, these customers can integrate their colo provider’s intelligent monitoring capabilities into their existing IT solution. This ensures that they can still get the benefits of intelligent monitoring with minimal disruption to their teams.

Mobile Visibility

The future of technology and business is increasingly mobile. Decisions need to be made quickly, which makes having readily accessible data on hand more important than ever before. Powerful mobile applications can now connect colocation customers to their intelligent monitoring platforms and provide them with real-time data on the go. If their DCIM solution also allows them to manage access controls, they can even grant or restrict access no matter where they’re located.

RFID Tracking

Entrusting someone else with the organization’s servers and equipment is always a big step for an IT department. Thanks to RFID technology, colocation customers can locate, view, and track their assets at all times. They can also use those monitoring capabilities to set up notifications to alert them whenever someone accesses a cabinet or moves a server.

IT Ticketing Integration

The ability to communicate quickly and accurately to remote hands personnel has become more important than ever as more companies adopt permanent remote work policies. Since intelligent monitoring platforms are continually gathering data, that information can be quickly and easily passed along to support staff whenever an IT ticket needs to be issued. This eliminates the risks associated with human error and ensures that any technical problems will be dealt with quickly and accurately.

Experience the in\site Difference

From its very beginnings, vXchnge has invested heavily in intelligent monitoring technology in order to deliver a new kind of colocation experience. The award-winning in\site platform is an incredibly powerful tool that allows our colocation customers to manage their data center environment as easily as they would manage an on-site server.

Accessible through a standard web portal, an API integration with your existing IT system, or with the in\site Mobile app, in\site is a standard feature of our colocation services. That means EVERY customer gets access to the power of intelligent monitoring at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

The in\site platform allows you to monitor power and bandwidth usage in real-time, set customizable notifications thresholds to issue alerts when power or bandwidth exceeds limits, track IT asset location and status, view interactive data floor maps, issue or revoke user authorizations, create and track IT support tickets, pay invoices online, and more. It’s the first DCIM intelligent monitoring platform that truly delivers the transparency and control colocation customers have been wanting for years.

Experience the in\site difference for yourself by signing up for a FREE demo or talk to one of our colocation experts today.

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