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Why Include Intelligent Monitoring in Your 2021 IT Strategy?

By: Ernest Sampera on January 12, 2021

As we look toward the year ahead many businesses can’t help but look to last year for indicators of how to best be prepared for how the landscape might look. If 2020 taught business leaders anything, it’s that being agile and responsive are, perhaps, two of the most important assets a business can have and having technology and partners who are equally adaptable will be key moving forward.

Similarly, being prepared to handle and scale your IT infrastructure, which was already important, has only become a more vital component of any business with remote work still being a mainstay. Through colocation and intelligent monitoring, many businesses are already prepared to adjust on the fly to whatever changes 2021 might bring. If your business isn’t already using or considering these IT options, this is the year to make those changes.

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What is Intelligent Monitoring and What are its Capabilities?

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Intelligent monitoring is the ability for you to monitor your IT infrastructure and data functions remotely while they are being handled by a colocation service. Not only can you monitor power, bandwidth, usage, and system health, but you can also then respond to any issues before they become problems, particularly if intelligent monitoring is paired with a remote hands service.

This level of transparency allows you to maintain full control over your system and strategically plan for growth and optimization based on data reported through intelligent monitoring platforms. For example, vXchnge’s intelligent monitoring platform, in\site, provides a real-time snapshot of your assets, available to you 24/7/365. Through every stage of your software deployment you have access to data regarding your system’s security, data management, power, and usage which allows you to respond as needed.

Benefits of Leveraging Intelligent Monitoring in Your Data Center

For many businesses, the primary concern regarding colocation services is a loss of control and access, but intelligent monitoring addresses that concern head on. By providing complete IT transparency and detailed look at all aspects of a system, even if the physical components of your infrastructure are located off-premises, you can monitor them at all times.

The ability to maintain this level of control takes the burden of network hardware and management and places it in the hands of IT professionals at your data center. In turn, your organization is free to use the resources who would normally manage and maintain those systems elsewhere.

Intelligent monitoring also means that through data center monitoring and infrastructure monitoring, you can identify traffic and performance issues before they impact your business or customers. When paired with a remote hands service, you’ve also got a team prepared to address the physical issues on-site freeing you up to address the strategic growth needs of your organization.

Reasons to Include Intelligent Monitoring in Your 2021 IT Strategy

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It’s no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic changed the business landscape in 2020 and it should come as no surprise that some of those changes will continue well into 2021 and beyond. Perhaps one of the biggest changes, and thus challenges for businesses, has been the shift to online work and the pressure that puts on existing infrastructures and systems.

Not only are your workers relying on your network but so are your customers. In the world of data and applications, reliability and speed are key. The best way to respond to issues related to both of these is, first and foremost, have a partner who views these issues as business critical. Further, you want a partner who provides you with the ability to monitor your network’s performance so that you can respond as needed.

As colocation services expand and data center capabilities grow, having the opportunity to monitor both will be fundamental to your service and growth strategy in 2021 and onward. In 2021, your IT needs, in terms of power and bandwidth, will be pushed as remote work and, let’s be honest, remote life keep a tight hold on the world economy. You want to know that your business is prepared to handle those challenges and that you can rely on intelligent monitoring in real-time to help you face them. 

Tools to Include in Your Intelligent Monitoring Strategy 


Over the next year, as remote capabilities and remote services become standard, expectations will also likely increase. The growing demand for fast data, reliable networks, and responsive systems won’t diminish. You’ll want to make sure your team and colocation data center are prepared to support your business. Does your colocation service have the data center tools to ensure you meet the expectations and demands of your users?

Not only does vXchnge have intelligent monitoring systems in place that provide you with real-time data, rather than a snapshot of your system, but the in\site platform provides IT infrastructure monitoring at your fingertips. With a mobile application you can monitor and manage your system, request assistance and receive alerts regarding trouble tickets, and maintain complete control over your deployment.

For more information or to talk about how our colocation services can prepare you for the year to come, get in touch with us today.

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