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Is Price How You Should Select a Data Center?

By: Ernest Sampera on July 29, 2015

Businesses searching for a data center colocation provider need to consider several factors before making a choice, including:

  • Location of the data center
  • Physical security and access control
  • Connectivity
  • Power per square foot
  • Backup and power redundancy
  • Ability to meet future growth needs
  • Disaster plans
  • History and financial stability of the data center provider

As colocation evolves, there are many factors to consider other than price. With high density, next-generation colocation facilities are able to bring more value to their industry. These facilities are prepared for high-density with the required power and cooling requirements. They will also allow modular deployments and a carrier-neutral connectivity.

One of the first things you need to determine is how much space you need now as well as in the future to allow for growth. Colocation is evolving to deal with the high-density demands being created by cloud computing, software as a service, the Internet of Things, and more.

One common way data centers increase ROI is to future-proof their systems. They do this by investing in technologies that not only meet your demands today but also will help you grow in the future.

What about service?

Another factor to consider when selecting a data center is their quality of service. First, it’s important to see how the colocation provider maintains their facility. Find out if they are doing important maintenance tasks like testing power failures by completely shutting down external sources to see if the facility still runs. These types of tasks are critical when a disaster occurs.

Second, when the power goes out in the middle of the night, you don’t want to find out you’re on your own. You will want to know that Remote Hands services are available to take care of your needs. If your hardware is having a problem, having an on-site technician can make the difference between having to be down while you drive to the data center in the middle of the night versus simply making a call and having a certified technician resolve the issue for you. When you think about how much every minute of downtime costs your company, you’ll quickly realize the value of having a certified technician a phone call away.

Third, how does the data center control physical access to their facility? Do they employ state-of-art access control systems and surveillance? Some data centers might view these as areas to cut costs when they are critical to your data’s security.


There’s a lot to consider when selecting a data center other than price. Selecting the right data center requires meeting both your current and future needs. Taking the time to determine these needs will help ensure your data center colocation selection is a success.

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