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Upgrade Your IT Ticketing System with Colocation Services

By: Tom Banta on November 2, 2020

Every organization must protect its network from the risk of downtime. When servers go down and data availability is lost, companies leave themselves open to a number of unpleasant consequences. For colocation customers, having a strong IT ticketing system in place is essential for helping them address issues quickly and keeping their core network services online for their customers.

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Why Your IT Ticketing System Matters

An IT ticketing system is an essential element of network infrastructure. Without some way of flagging issues and bringing them to the attention of support personnel, technical problems will go unresolved and escalate, potentially leading to costly errors or system downtime. While there are many different approaches to IT ticketing and help desk systems, organizations often don’t put enough thought into how having the right solution in place can enhance their IT support. Even the most experienced and skilled IT team may struggle to deliver effective support if they’re working with an outdated or underpowered IT ticketing system.

Having the right ticketing tools in place can significantly improve issue response times and cut down on the potential for human error. An easy-to-manage ticketing system allows people to report issues quickly and pass them along to support personnel without having to jump through any additional steps or create complicated paperwork. Automation is important here, especially since the majority of IT issues are repeat problems that have been addressed in the past. Not every issue will require extensive investigation to resolve and the more a ticketing system can do to correctly identify recurring issues, the faster it will be able to address them.

Accuracy is also a critical component of any IT ticketing system. When a problem occurs, the IT support team needs to have accurate, up-to-date information about the equipment involved and the specific issue to be addressed. If any of that information is entered incorrectly, such as the wrong server or cabinet being identified, IT personnel will end up using valuable time to sort out the discrepancies. In the case of serious issues like a server going offline, every moment lost can translate into financial losses for an organization.

Colocation Services and Your IT Support

When companies migrate their IT stack into a colocation data center, they are entrusting the colo provider to deliver a high level of IT support that matches or exceeds what they could achieve in a private, on-premises solution. In most cases, it’s a win-win tradeoff. Because the colocation data center is providing technical assistance and services for every customer, the facility typically has a large remote hands team capable of delivering specialized, 24x7x365 support.

One of the key advantages of a remote hands team is that they are intimately familiar with all aspects of the data center’s infrastructure. Since they are always working within the same environment, they can more easily navigate challenges such as sorting out networking issues, managing hardware integrations, and replacing equipment. They can also draw upon experiences of what has worked for other customers within the data center environment and have ready access to all the necessary resources, equipment, and documentation.

How Intelligent Monitoring Enhances Your IT Troubleshooting

Intelligent monitoring platforms are incredibly beneficial for their ability to provide real-time performance data and high levels of visibility into a colocation deployment. For instance, vXchnge customers can use the in\site platform to instantly see how much power and bandwidth their assets are utilizing over any period of time. They can also look at an interactive data center floor map to see where their colocated equipment is located and assess its current performance status. With this combination of real-time and historical data at their fingertips, organizations can make decisions impacting their network faster and more effectively.

But the benefits also extend to IT ticketing. Intelligent monitoring allows customers to identify issues quickly and notify IT support before they escalate into more serious problems. When the IT ticketing system is integrated with an intelligent monitoring platform, key ticketing tools can be automated and streamlined to improve accuracy and response times.

For example, when in\site customers need to create a support ticket for a server issue, they can view the interactive data floor map and simply click on the server to automatically transfer all of its identifying information to the IT ticket. This eliminates the risk of any data being entered incorrectly due to manual error. If a ticket has been created for the same issue in the past, the same information can be referenced, along with any communication that took place between he customers and the remote hands team.

Improve Your Uptime with in\site Intelligent Monitoring

The goal of any IT ticketing system should always be to help keep network systems up and running. In today’s fast-paced business environment, even a few moments of downtime can prove devastating for a company. At vXchnge data centers, the in\site intelligent monitoring platform works hand-in-hand with our IT ticketing system to keep essential systems operating at optimal efficiency with high levels of uptime. While fully-redundant infrastructure may be the foundation of any quality uptime SLA, intelligent monitoring provides the real-time data that remote hands teams need to deliver on that promise.

Our award-winning in\site platform allows customers to stay in near-constant contact with our experienced remote hands technicians. Once IT tickets have been created, customers can monitor them as they move through the resolution process. This level of transparency helps them to see exactly where each issue stands and how long they can expect to wait before the situation is resolved.

Unlike colocation providers and cloud venders who force customers to go through a separate, and often opaque, IT ticketing system, all IT troubleshooting in vXchnge data centers is handled through the same in\site platform customers use to manage their colocation services. There’s no need to learn an entirely new system or wait for updates on the status of a ticket that’s being handled externally. And thanks to in\site’s API integration, customers can even connect their existing IT management tools to seamless add intelligent monitoring capabilities and improve their IT support.

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