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By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on January 29th, 2015

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Making the Most of Your Vendor-Neutral Data Center

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It’s easy to see why vendors choose companies like Amazon as a marketplace. The international e-commerce company made over $70 billion in net sales in 2013. Most of this revenue was made by selling products online to its over 237 million accounts.

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only player offering products and services online. Dell, IBM, Verizon, and many others have recently launched their versions of a cloud marketplace.

The importance of vendor neutrality

This is great news for companies that need to connect to a variety of cloud services from a vendor-neutral data center. The right data center can bring a cloud marketplace community together. Data centers can provide more than just colocation and IT infrastructure, they have the ability to attract numerous providers from various industries.

Since your data center is not competing with other service providers, you get to pick the best-of-breed solutions for your company. This allows you to exchange data using cross connects that are fast and efficient and connect to services directly.

Lots of options

Some examples of services you can get at a vendor-neutral data center marketplace include:

  • Data storage – Pick from a wide variety of database servers and file storage providers
  • Messaging – Apps that perform a wide variety of tasks including e-mail, spam filtering, instant messaging, collaboration, and more
  • Development Tools – By connecting to a wide variety of development tools in the cloud, you can get the tools you need now without having the overhead and complexity of installing it yourself.
  • Other options include process automation, video streaming, business support, and many more.

Using this paradigm, customers no longer have to be bound to a single, limited colocation provider. They are able to connect to different services using a data center that has enough bandwidth, cooling, space, and power for their needs.

Along with the financial benefits of being able to select the best value with a vendor-neutral data center, you get several other advantages to having a variety of market participants in an economic ecosystem. You have the ability to choose not only the best data center for your needs, but the best cloud providers as well.

Whether you are looking for cloud services that provide data storage, messaging services, or anything else, having each of these available as a data center marketplace will allow you to pick the right vendors for your business.

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