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How a Mobile Content Delivery Platform Improves ROI

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on September 25, 2014

The mobile market is expected to surpass 1.75 billion units in 2014, according to Almost 2/5 of all mobile phone users – which is almost a quarter of the world’s population – will use a smart phone in 2014.

Unfortunately, for content providers trying to deliver to mobile devices, this process can be complex. There are over 8,000 types of mobile phones with different screen sizes. These phones run various operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and more – and each operating system has its own development platform. This quickly leads to businesses having to deicide on how many platforms they are going to support. Maintaining multiple versions for each device can be time-consuming and expensive.

A good solution can be a mobile content delivery platform that makes delivering content the same for each device.

What is a content delivery platform?

A mobile content delivery platform is typically sold as a service. While most software is installed on client servers, a content delivery platform uses embedded JavaScript or Ajax code snippets to provide a universal platform for content delivery.

While many companies have found it makes financial sense to offer a user portal, managing delivery of content can be expensive over time. When you add to this the complexity of supporting multiple devices, different operating systems, and multiple size screens, it becomes more complex. As you do so, the cost of maintaining the portal goes up.

By providing one unified mobile content delivery platform, it allows businesses to publish information on multiple devices. This can save time and money with business to employee, business to consumer, and government to citizen initiatives.

Some benefits of providing a mobile content delivery platform include:

  • Rich content can be delivered across multiple devices allowing each device to use its own built-in features for maps, GPS, photos, video, and more.
  • Multiple publishing channels can stay in sync by allowing the same information to be available across mobile web, desktop web, mobile apps, and more.
  • Content is unified across multiple platforms which can increase ROI and make it cheaper for companies to maintain mobile portal across multiple devices.

Using a content delivery platform, digital content can be delivered from videos, breaking news, games, stock tickers, and more. This allows companies to increase penetration and sophistication while allowing them to create more revenue for their business. By having one unified mobile content delivery platform, companies can improve their mobile ROI and provide better service while keeping costs down.

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