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5 Ways You’ll Benefit by Outsourcing Your IT to Data Centers

By: Ernest Sampera on January 9, 2019

In today’s competitive business environment, many companies are looking for ways to maximize value and streamline their operations. One area that often comes under scrutiny is their IT operations and infrastructure. The business value of information technology is well understood by most organizations. While they may be hesitant to entrust a third party with their data network, in many cases, outsourcing IT is a cost-effective decision with substantial ancillary benefits.

Partnering with managed service providers (MSPs) and data centers can help companies to implement complex IT solutions that are often far better suited for their business goals. From hybrid and multi-cloud deployments to edge computing architectures, making the jump to a data center can unleash the hidden potential of an organization and allow it to reach new levels of success.

5 Ways You’ll Benefit by Outsourcing Your IT to Data Centers

1: More Connectivity Options

A robust data center environment makes it possible to access a variety of online services via a single cross-connect. Whether a company needs to make use of public cloud resources or stream content to users, data centers provide a multitude of options for just about any business model imaginable. In a carrier neutral facility, customers aren’t limited to a single ISP and can even make use of multiple providers to build redundancy into their infrastructure. With so many connectivity options, a data center environment functions as a virtual marketplace that allows organizations to pick and choose among multiple service providers. This competition helps to drive prices down, ensuring that companies aren’t locked into expensive and exclusive contracts.

2: Better Uptime Reliability

When it comes to data availability and measuring IT value, server uptime matters. Companies can suffer severe financial and brand damage when their systems go offline and their data goes dark. Many organizations think they’ll be safe trusting the public cloud, but the truth of the matter is that the uptime reliability of these providers often leaves much to be desired. While 99.99% SLA uptime may sound impressive, it translates into almost an hour of downtime each year. Considering that the average cost of a single minute of downtime is around $5,600, every additional “9” of uptime is hugely consequential. Data centers capable of delivering high levels of uptime (such as >99.99999%) can help their customers rest easy knowing that their systems will stay up and running consistently.

3: Remote Hands Services

As any IT professional can attest, complex network infrastructures need extensive care and maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Routine tasks and emergencies can take up a great deal of an IT team’s time. For many organizations, this means IT professionals often spend more time troubleshooting than developing innovative new ways to utilize existing infrastructure to better serve customer needs and drive business results. By entrusting a data center’s remote hands team with the day-to-day care of their network infrastructure, companies can maximize the value of their IT departments. With 24x7x365 remote hands technicians at the ready, they can rest easy knowing that problems will be solved quickly and effectively. These teams can also help implement new IT deployments in the data center environment, providing a degree of flexibility that most internal IT teams can’t match.

4: Enhanced Security

With embarrassing data breaches and crippling distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks becoming more common in today’s interconnected world, companies can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to cybersecurity. While cyberattacks targeting major corporations and government agencies dominate the headlines, small to medium-sized businesses actually face much greater risks. These companies often lack the resources to implement the very latest in security protocols. By entrusting their IT infrastructure to a data center, organizations can greatly enhance their cybersecurity protections. Data centers also provide the reassurances of multi-layered physical security and logical security measures to regulate access to data and IT assets. For many organizations, these facilities offer the very best means of protecting their network infrastructure, making outsourcing IT an ideal solution.

5: Cost Savings

While there’s no doubting the business value of information technology, operating in-house IT solutions can become very expensive very quickly. Even setting aside the significant capital expenses of modern servers, the power and cooling demands of this equipment can become a challenge to manage efficiently. Data centers can deliver more cost effective power and cooling solutions thanks to their ability to provide services at scale. Server virtualization and infrastructure management software solutions that provide transparency into IT utilization also help these facilities to keep costs lower than traditional on-premises arrangements.

Today’s data centers offer so much more than just the stereotypical server warehouses of the past. They offer industry-leading network deployment options and unmatched service while also providing the reassurances modern organizations need to plan for the future. Outsourcing IT to data centers and their MSP partners can help companies of all sizes reach their potential.

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