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Philadelphia Tech Spotlight Podcast Series [By John Panzica]

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on May 9, 2016

Starting this week, vXchnge will be producing a monthly podcast series highlighting Technologists and Innovators in the Philadelphia community. The Philly Tech Spotlight Podcast will dive deep into companies, market trends, and the startup community to bring a spotlight to important trends and information that Philadelphia brings to the national and global stage.

Be sure to subscribe to this podcast series, hosted by John Panzica, Senior Vice President of Sales for vXchnge, to be alerted of future shows. John's first guest will be Bob Moul, CEO of Cloudamize. The discussion will include Philly's competitive advantages from a talent and resource perspective along with how the cloud infrastructure analytics and cost optimization company plans to invest the additional $1 million in funding it recently landed.

Those not living in Philly may be wonder , why a tech podcast focused on Philly? Those living in the Philadelphia community will tell you Philly has become a rich hub for higher education, healthcare, and tech startups to flourish. So much so that today the city’s on the verge of becoming a metropolitan tech leader as it’s now home to technologies such as mobility, streaming video, and mobile app content.

Philly is host to large global companies like SAP America, Vanguard Group, and the Comcast Corporation. The startup community has also created innovation and success with companies like (sold to eBay), Reality Online (acquired by Reuters), and recently Boomi (acquired by Dell). As Philadelphia continues to move into the technology spotlight, it is worth noting that historically Philadelphia had its times in the spotlight and has become a city of significance.

Whether you think back to when our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 or reflect on the many universities and colleges that make it a top international study destination, you realize Philadelphia has been a pivotal part of American history. This tradition continues as the city now moves into the technology spotlight.

With Philadelphia being the 5th largest city in the United States, with an area population of 1.5 million, there is a growing demand for mobile devices, IP traffic, and content, which has left the technology industry scrambling to serve. Service demand for social media, streaming content, online discovery, and mobile purchasing, require companies in the content and infrastructure space to make considerable investments in Philadelphia.  Such investments are a sure indication that Philadelphia technologists are now rethinking the long accepted strategy of servicing local businesses and consumers through points of presence in New York or Northern Virginia. Philadelphia networks, infrastructure, and content providers are now realizing the value of servicing the local demand through points of presence within the city. In short, they are servicing Philadelphia from Philadelphia.

Here at vXchnge, we have always invested in and believed that Philadelphia has been a key market in the infrastructure industry. When it had the opportunity to open its first Brownfield data center, vXchnge decided to invest in the city of Philadelphia again. vX's investment of $30+ million has employed many local companies that, over the past 12 months, have done a spectacular job of building our data center.

This investment is just the start. As companies begin moving into our data center, vX has decided to invest again by creating this podcast series to highlight the technical and innovative achievements of this great city.

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