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5 Reasons Why Data Centers Need a Management Software

By: Blair Felter on November 19, 2018

For many companies, making the decision to migrate IT infrastructure into a data center environment is seen as a trade-off. On the one hand, they want to capitalize on the wide range of services modern data centers can provide, either through colocation options or data center as a service (DCaaS) offerings. But on the other hand, many organizations worry about relinquishing direct control over their valuable data and IT assets.

Fortunately, they no longer have to make that choice thanks to data center management software. Today’s data centers incorporate powerful business intelligence platforms into their infrastructure to provide customers with an unprecedented level of transparency and control over their assets. These data center infrastructure management (DCIM) programs not only deliver tremendous benefits to customers, but also provide data centers with a critical differentiator that allows the most innovative providers to stand above their competitors by offering superior service.

5 Reasons Why Data Centers Need a Management Software

1: Greater Asset Visibility

When an organization decides to colocate IT assets with a data center, it is trusting that facility to take good care of its infrastructure investment. Knowing where those assets are located and how they are being utilized is incredibly important. Data center management software provides customers with real-time visibility, allowing them to monitor or look in on their IT assets at any time. It also alerts them to changes within the data center environment. If a server rack is moved or accessed in any way, they will be notified immediately via DCIM software. This visibility also helps data center customers to plan for the future more effectively, enabling them to determine how their equipment is being used and whether their current deployment is the most beneficial to their needs.

2: Better Power Efficiency

While simply keeping tabs on IT assets is important, the real benefit of improved visibility comes in the form of power efficiency. By monitoring power usage over time through DCIM software, data center customers gain a better sense of how they’re actually utilizing the services they’re paying for. Power usage trends can identify peak service periods and expose areas where customers may be paying for power they don’t need. Armed with this data, they can adjust accordingly to ensure that their IT costs are more closely connected to their actual service usage. For DCaaS customers, this may also mean ramping up services to accommodate periods of high demand while pulling back when business is slower.

3: Shorter Response Times

Sooner or later, every IT network experiences a problem of some kind. Whether it’s a server going down or a software update bug, these unexpected troubles can quickly escalate into expensive disasters if they’re not dealt with promptly. While many data centers offer 24x7x365 remote hands services to deal with any issues that may develop, these technicians can only spring into action when they know a problem exists. With the enhanced visibility of data center management software, IT support tickets are generated the moment something out of the ordinary is detected, contributing to shorter response times by remote hands personnel. And since the same DCIM software provides customers with enhanced visibility, they will be able to track the support process from start to finish and get frequent status updates from their data center.

4: Enhanced Security

In addition to the physical security afforded by a data center facility, customers can use DCIM software to establish additional layers of security as they see fit. Access to physical IT assets can be strictly regulated along with remote network access, allowing customers to serve as their own gatekeepers. From encryption protocols to third-party device authorizations, data center management software provides a wide range of customizable options that allow organizations to establish their preferred level of security measures and better protect themselves against cyberattacks. Visibility is critical here as well, allowing customers to pull up detailed security reports and set criteria for actionable alerts.

5: Improved Compliance

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with a data center facility is the level of assurances they can provide regarding regulatory compliance. For many organizations, compliance can be a bewildering and overwhelming issue to address, especially when it comes to smaller companies undergoing rapid growth. Whether it’s the healthcare or financial services industries, data centers are well equipped to handle most compliance concerns. With DCIM software providing greater insight into the data center’s operations, however, customers can ensure that the facility is in accordance with these regulatory requirements. Frequent governance and compliance reporting provide a clear track record that the organization is adhering to the necessary standards.

As more and more companies turn to data centers to resolve some of their most pressing IT needs, they no longer have to make a choice over what level of control they’re willing to give up. Far from placing blind trust in a data center, customers can often gain better insight into a data center’s operations through DCIM tools than they could into their own private facilities. By offering data center management software that provides unparalleled transparency, these facilities are finding ways to ensure that their customers retain control and visibility over their valued IT assets.

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