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How Redundancy and DDoS Protection Keep Your Data Center and Business Connected

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on January 23, 2017

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks has become a part of life for American business. Is it Russian hackers or just some bored kid in his bedroom? If you are a Network Administrator, CIO, or anyone concerned about the health of your business, it doesn’t matter who the attacker is. All you know is that your servers are down, your website is unresponsive, and in a digital economy, that means you are losing money every second.

Plus, once a DDoS attack has breached your business you could be vulnerable to more severe attacks. For Tech and Enterprise CEO’s the problem runs deeper, your brand's image is at stake.

The Stakes Are Increasing

The 2016 Dyn cyber attack shows that even top tech companies can succumb to a DDoS attack. Plus, the stakes of a DDoS are increasing. “The next DDoS attack may not be on your website, it may be on your car,” says John Reed, Senior Product Manager at vXchnge. That means that it is not just your company’s sales and reputation that might suffer during the next big DDoS attack - people could be put at risk.

Reed emphasized that the increased connectivity embodied by the Internet-of-Things (IoT) presents enormous opportunities and value potential for businesses and consumers alike, but also comes with risk. Every additional connection to the Internet is another likely point of entry for malicious hackers looking to breach your security. “Creating a safe, reliable path for IoT and Data Center traffic was top-of-mind when we developed vX\defend,” says Reed. “As Edge Computing continues to play an increasingly significant role in business strategy, our goal is to make sure that our customers have high-performance, secure connectivity to their services and applications at all times.”

vX\defend: Your Full-Service Connectivity and DDoS Protection Service

Most companies are content with either a backup Internet connection or other security protecting their Internet connection. vX\defend offers both in one seamless package. We use a redundant, highly-available blend of industry-leading ISPs, all secured with robust DDoS protection to ensure prevention of DDoS attacks before they get anywhere near your equipment. In the unlikely event that first defenses are breached, vX\defend offers protection from multi-carrier connections, each of which is the same level as your primary connection.

Service levels range from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, making this a cost-effective solution for any business. Same-day provisioning means that you’ll be up and running in no time. Real-time traffic engineering ensures that vX\defend is right in front of any attempts to compromise your servers. Our network engineering support runs around the clock, so you can sleep at night knowing we’re protecting you. As industry leaders, we’re always abreast of the latest attack signatures and volumetrics.

Keep your business connected and protected with vX\defend from vXchnge.

Who is vXchnge?

vXchnge partners with some of the largest SaaS companies and other organizations in Silicon Valley and across the US to provide colocation services. Partnering with vXchnge gives our clients access to vX\defend, an entirely new approach to DDOS protection and service availability. vXchnge is a carrier-neutral provider, allowing our customers to work with multiple providers to build a redundant network with multiple pathways and backbones. Furthermore, we offer a 100% SLA with vX\defend to our customer’s equipment and provide 24/7 network engineering support. Our team of engineers works around the clock to provide state-of-the-art colocation services for our clients, and we work relentlessly to make sure your services are always available, and always protected. Data center security is no longer just physical, and no longer a nice-to-have; it is now a vital aspect of any colocation service and could make the difference in whether a DDoS attack gets through to your organization or not. Partner with vXchnge, and let us protect not only your data center but also your brand as a whole.

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