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The Importance of Remote Hands Service During Coronavirus

By: Kayla Matthews on December 30, 2020

Many colocation data centers offer remote hands service to their customers. Those clients are able to delegate IT management and maintenance tasks to staff members who are onsite at a colocation center and hired by the respective data center provider.
It's easy to see how remote hands in the data center increase convenience and could save customers time and money.
Over the past year, it’s become increasingly important, perhaps even business vital, to have the advantage of a remote hands service. Of course that’s due to COVID-19, and despite recent distribution of vaccines, experts anticipate that precautions may need to be in place through most of 2021. 

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What are Remote Hands Services?

remote hands services

Remote hands is the name for a service that allows you to hand off management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to a dedicated team at your colocation provider. When your network has issues, your business has access to certified technicians who work 24x7x365 to ensure that any problems are addressed quickly and business impact is minimal.

Not only can remote hands address potential problems, but during installation and any time your system needs an upgrade, remote hands are there to handle the hardware, which frees up your team to be where you need them when you need them.

Because the remote hands team is familiar with the data center environment, they’re able to work quickly. The convenience of their being on site and experienced in that environment translates to better and faster service for you.

How Coronavirus is Impacting IT Infrastructures and Operations

network infrastructure

As the coronavirus spread across the world, impacting nearly every country in the world, and as epidemiologists and scientists learned more, it soon became clear that one of the primary precautionary measures to control the spread of the virus was to limit our contact with one another.

In response, by May of 2020 many companies, including tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Twitter and banking behemoths like JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley, had embraced work from home solutions for their workforce. While some organizations, like Apple, have reopened offices, many others are beginning to consider remote work as part of our new normal.

Perhaps one of the biggest impacts we’ve seen in how COVID-19 has shifted our workplace needs, beyond our working from home, is the increased reliance on technology and remote capabilities. Many individuals and companies have become much more dependent on data centers. Not only have many businesses adjusted to work at home employees, but, in effort to combat the virus, many U.S. universities and colleges moved classes online and K-12 education wasn’t far behind. 

As more people move into remote work, or choose to stay there, and students share those digital spaces with them, the demands for agile and scalable networks and data storage will only grow.  When coupled with the increased strain on sites that offer grocery deliveries, streaming entertainment, and teleconferencing services for remote workers, the increase in demand for cloud computing and data center solutions will only grow as well.

While companies with existing online portals that provide services, and solutions in place to scale as needed, are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the demand, the demand, inevitably, comes with a heavier reliance on data center management and maintenance. 

Why Remote Hands Services are Beneficial During Coronavirus

As more companies consider remote work as part of their long term strategy, alternative solutions will also need to be developed to manage business critical services including administration, management, and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

While this means, over the long term, there will be an increased demand on data centers, businesses must still consider how to keep their staff safe. For example, California-based access control company Pulse Secure announced a service that lets its customers remotely access data centers and cloud resources in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Experts suggest that this kind of remote management will continue to expand as well.

A Remote Hands Service Limits the Number of People Accessing a Data Center

Since one of the key precautions to “flatten the curve” is to avoid contact with others, businesses are exploring ways to mitigate unnecessary exposure for their employees. One convenient way to do that is with a remote hands service that prevents outside individuals from entering data centers for maintenance needs. As a result, the overall number of people inside the data center and those who are regularly visiting decreases, improving safety precautions.

Remote Hands Options Gives Stability in Uncertain Times

In 2020, the coronavirus has given businesses plenty to worry about, especially issues that were of minor concern prior to this year. For example, sending your own IT personnel to colocation centers now could increase concerns as well as exposure.

However, 2020 has also presented us with innovation and solutions. The availability of a remote hands service lets company leaders feel confident that everything in the data center will keep running smoothly even when a business representative can't travel to the data centers themselves. 

Remote Hands Services Provide Visibility Into Your Physical Infrastructure While You're Working Remotely

Finally, as many of us are navigating how to work remotely, we’ve likely learned there are just some things that are easier when we can physically be present. In terms of monitoring your infrastructure, being able to get a set of eyes on the hardware when you need it is crucial. With current limitations in place, remote hands can do that for you.

You’ve got a dedicated team at your disposal looking in on your hardware and when paired with vXchgne’s in\site platform, you’ve got amazing access from a safe remote location.

While experts anticipate virus impacts through 2021, there’s no doubt that the coronavirus and 2020 have shifted the technology landscape. Thankfully, there’s a way to move with it and stay prepared for the future. A remote hands service can give crucial assistance now and as you move forward. 



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