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The Importance of Remote Hands Service During Coronavirus

By: Kayla Matthews on March 16, 2020

Many colocation data centers offer remote hands service to their customers. It means that those clients can delegate IT management and maintenance tasks to staff members who are onsite at a colocation center and hired by the respective data center provider.

It's easy to see how remote hands in the data center increase convenience and could save customers time and money.

However, over the past couple of months, people have become increasingly aware of how crucial it may be to have the advantage of a remote hands service. That's primarily due to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that began in China this January.  

The Coronavirus Is Impacting the World

The coronavirus has since become a threat all over the world. Many media outlets have live coronavirus trackers to help people keep tabs on the viruses' movement and severity.

At the time of this writing, it had hit at least 104 countries, sickening more than 119,000 people and causing over 4,000 fatalities. The United States has more than 1,000 confirmed cases, and Italy, one of the most affected European nations, recently announced a partial lockdown and closed its schools.

Another aspect that complicates matters is that the process of restricting the illnesses' spread generally involves identifying all the people who had close contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient. Health officials ask them to self-isolate for at least two weeks, even if they don't have coronavirus symptoms. 

Moreover, major tech companies, including Google and Apple, have urged employees to work from home when possible. Google will keep its North American offices open for employees who cannot do their jobs remotely, however. 

A Remote Hands Service Limits the Number of People Accessing a Data Center

One of the key reminders about the coronavirus is that people should avoid contact with others if they have symptoms of the coronavirus — such as a cough, fever and breathing difficulties — and have recently traveled from affected countries or regions. Some individuals take that advice a step further and keep themselves isolated for two weeks after returning from such travel, regardless of how they feel.

Various nations opted to cancel sports matches, conferences, festivals and other events where a person could unknowingly come into contact with someone who has the coronavirus and doesn't realize it yet.

Since a remote hands service prevents external people from coming in to take care of data center needs, the overall number of people inside the data center and regularly visiting it should go down. Evoque, a data center brand with facilities in Asia, had that fact in mind and came up with a plan to cater to customers while slowing the coronavirus spread.

It offered five free hours of remote hands service at its facilities in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The company also encouraged clients to utilize remote hands opportunities whenever possible and reminded them that they could request such services through an online portal. 

A Remote Hands Service Could Become Especially Vital During the Coronavirus

Another reason why many clients may be especially glad to have remote hands in the data center is because the spread and scale of the illness has forced many employers to see just how much their workforces can achieve from home. A California-based access control company called Pulse Secure announced a service that lets its customers remotely access data center and cloud resources in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Many individuals and companies may become much more dependent on data center capabilities due to the coronavirus. For example, dozens of U.S. universities canceled in-person classes and will switch to online learning due to fears about the coronavirus. 

Additionally, as more people decide to stay home or have no choice but to do it, it's easy to imagine the increased strain on sites that offer grocery deliveries, streaming entertainment and teleconferencing services for remote workers, to name but a few.

Thus, the companies that have online portals to provide those services and others may need to scale up and rely more heavily on the data center maintenance that a remote hands team could provide. 

A Remote Hands Option Gives Stability in Uncertain Times

The coronavirus gives business representatives plenty of things to worry about. The process of a company sending its own IT personnel to colocation centers could exacerbate the overall stress.

The availability of a remote hands service lets company leaders feel confident that everything in the data center will keep running smoothly even when business representative can't or don't want to have people travel to the data centers themselves. 

There's no way to tell for sure how long the coronavirus may impact the world, but changes are undoubtedly occurring already. A remote hands service can give crucial assistance in this time of exceptional need. 

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