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Unlock Your SaaS Startup with the Right Data Center Partner

By: Ernest Sampera on June 9, 2020

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry has undergone rapid growth over the last decade, with physical software projects mostly becoming a relic of the past. Thanks to cloud computing technology, SaaS providers have been able to market and distribute their products much more effectively than ever before. For ambitious SaaS startups, it’s critical to get the right IT and network infrastructure in place for future growth and business success.

5 IT and Network Needs of SaaS Startups

1. Cloud Connectivity

It may seem odd to point out that a cloud-based software company needs to have ready access to other cloud platforms, but the truth of the matter is that cloud tools and platforms are incredibly important when it comes to software development. More importantly, a small business has a variety of technology needs beyond delivering its core services. That could include marketing platforms, payroll systems, and sales development tools. Every SaaS startup needs to identify which cloud applications it needs to support its business operations as early as possible so it can build the hybrid IT networks to integrate those aspects.

2. Edge Capabilities

Low-latency is one of the few truly “killer apps” when it comes to SaaS platforms. With so many options to choose from, customers no longer feel like they have to put up with slow, poorly configured cloud software that reduces their productivity. This is especially important as more consumers incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their homes and begin to utilize shorter range 5G networks. To combat the impacts of latency, SaaS startups need to find ways to move closer to their customers. Edge computing architecture allows them to keep data and cloud-based services closer to where their customers are using them. Rather than building their core infrastructure and then expanding outward to the edge, they should be thinking about how the edge interacts with their platforms from the very beginning.

3. Uptime and Recovery

Reliability should be a top priority for any SaaS startup. After all, what good is developing an amazing new software application if customers can’t access it when they need it? Delivering high availability services typically requires a combination of redundancies to keep essential systems up and running and recovery plans that ensure data access is restored quickly in the unlikely event of an outage. Without a reliable infrastructure, SaaS startups will constantly be scrambling to deal with the costly consequences of downtime, which can include lost revenue, missed opportunities, diminished productivity, and sometimes even legal liability.

4. Scalability

Every SaaS company dreams of scaling rapidly to become a major player in their respective industries. Today’s SaaS enterprises all had to start somewhere, and there’s always the chance that even the most humble company could become the next Salesforce or HubSpot. Whatever the future may hold, however, it will be impossible to make it happen without a plan in place for scalability. Rather than basing every decision on their immediate needs, SaaS startups should think about how they’re going to expand their network services in the future. By thinking five years ahead, they can continuously right-size their technology infrastructure to be able to accommodate growth rather than getting held up by unforeseen circumstances as the business grows.

5. Expert Support

Just because a SaaS startup is filled with outstanding and innovative engineers and developers, they may not have the right skills to build and manage the foundational IT infrastructure that makes the company’s innovative services possible. Having the best UX designers and web coders may be critical to creating an amazing software product, but none of that will do the company much good if they don’t have anyone on staff to manage the servers hosting their network. That’s why outsourcing key infrastructure functions with remote hands services can help a SaaS startup get more our of its budget and allow it to focus its limited human resources on developing the very best products possible.

How a Colocation Data Center Can Meet SaaS Startup Needs

A colocation data center provides an ideal solution to the needs of any SaaS startup. Building and maintaining a private data center is an incredibly expensive undertaking, one that’s far beyond the capabilities of most companies no matter their industry. By placing servers within a carrier-neutral colocation facility, however, they can gain the full benefits of a state-of-the-art data center without having to make the massive capital investments to build and maintain one. Even better, colocation facilities are typically more efficient in terms of power and cooling, which allows them to pass those savings on to customers.

Setting aside the substantial cost savings, colocation data centers are most valuable to SaaS providers because they offer robust connectivity options that allow them to build the hybrid IT deployments their businesses require. Within these hybrid environments, they can deploy versatile multi-clouds that provide access to additional cloud services that make it easier for them to grow and thrive.

Edge data centers are ideally positioned closer to end-users and optimized for low-latency connectivity. They can form part of a comprehensive data center location strategy that also utilizes other facilities for backup and redundancy to improve risk mitigation and deliver high levels of uptime service reliability. When the time comes to increase SaaS capacity, it’s a relatively simple process to add new servers or provisional additional cloud resources within a colocation environment.

Managing a data center is a huge undertaking that requires substantial knowledge and resources. By outsourcing this task to a colocation provider, SaaS companies can leverage their expertise to ensure that their infrastructure remains in good hands while they dedicate the bulk of their resources to developing new and exciting products.

Choose a Colocation Provider Your SaaS Startup Can Count On

As an award-winning colocation provider, vXchnge is dedicated to helping companies complete their digital transformation to better serve their customers. Our data centers are engineered for perfection and backed by 100% uptime SLAs to deliver unmatched risk mitigation and business continuity. With facilities located in key growth markets across the US, we can help SaaS providers get closer to their customers to deliver reliable, low-latency service.

Our innovative intelligent monitoring platform, in\site, is available to every one of our colocation customers to deliver full transparency into their infrastructure and the control they need to manage their assets. And with an experienced remote hands team on-site 24x7x365, our team is always on standby to help you overcome your challenges.

To learn more about how vXchnge data centers can help you unlock the potential of your SaaS startup, talk to one of our colocation experts today.

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