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Understanding the Super-Mega 15kW Data Center

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on January 15, 2015

As buyers, we regularly hear marketing terminology like “mega”, “massive”, “large”, and more. When it comes to data centers, what do these terms really mean? How does a “mega” data center differ from a large one?

When we don’t have common words for clarity, it can be very difficult for the buyer to compare. Each company has their own meaning for these terms. The Data Center Institute (DCI), part of AFCOM, is attempting to resolve this by establishing a common language for data centers.

Tom Roberts, AFCOM’s chairman and author of a new paper on size and power density terminology said, “The goal is to have clear communication in the industry. We’d really like this to become a standard guideline. If somebody says they have a large data center, then you’ll know what that really means.”

“Size” can be determined in many ways when it comes to data centers. It could be the physical size of the building, the number of racks, the power capacity, the utility supply, and more. “DCI proposes that in data center context, size should only describe size of the compute space, and density should be measured peak kW load”, says Roberts. “Size, according to the think tank, is defined using rack yield and area of the compute space.” 

“For density, the paper proposes that measured peak density be used, rather than design or average density commonly used in descriptions. The standard takes into account both rack density and compute space density, the latter defined as measured peak load divided by rack yield,” said Roberts.

Micro Data Centers

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to data centers. Of course, you want a data center that can handle your growth and if 15kW+ density is needed, then that will be a priority.

Much like big-box stores can’t always provide the best customer service, massive data centers can fall victim to the same problem. This is why vXchnge created the Micro Data Center. It allows you to customize your own Micro Data Center to meet the specific needs of your business.


It’s important to make sure the data center you select is ready for your company’s growth. Whether it is mega, massive, large, medium, small, or mini, you need to make sure it not only provides enough physical space and power, but the level of customization you need as well.

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