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By: Blair Felter on January 13th, 2017

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Vertiv: A Case Study in Cooling Edge Data Centers

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Case Study demonstrates how green IT initiatives lead to business sustainability credits

Vertiv Co., a company spun out from Emerson Network Power, is a $4.5B global provider that specializes in designing, building and servicing mission-critical infrastructure technologies for vital applications in data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial environments.

IT sustainability is no longer an option – it’s a growing necessity for companies looking to stay competitive, scalable and cost-efficient as their markets expand and end-user demands become greater and more sophisticated. Whether by mandate or desire, companies are seeking out sustainable solutions like reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while some are going so far as to appoint Chief Sustainability Officers directly responsible for tying eco-friendly initiatives to profit. As companies continue to look for ways to increase organizational sustainability, IT may present a substantial opportunity to make gains in that area.

In this Vertiv Co. case study, they discuss the vXchnge Pittsburgh data center's wind power initiative from Constellation and also their data center thermal management solution based on 9 Liebert DSE with the ICOM S management interface. Solutions like this are helping vXchnge keep their customers' environments more stable and friendly for their critical business systems and infrastructure.

See how Vertiv's Liebert® DSE™ contributes to the sustainability goals of vXchnge customers.

Better Cooling, Greater Sustainability

Vertiv recommended the Liebert® DSE™ Free Cooling System to help vXchnge limit the need for resource-intensive chilled water systems, creating a more stable and reliable infrastructure environment for vXchnge customers. After installation of the Liebert DSE, which is a free cooling economization system, the results were immediate and measurable.

  • 65% decrease in PUE at vXchnge’s Pittsburgh data center location
  • 30% increase in overall data center efficiency
  • Elimination of single points of failure such as chillers, pumps and piping

The Liebert DSE makes a major contribution to vXchnge customers’ sustainability initiatives as well. In addition to gaining more stable network environments and decreasing their carbon footprint and power usage, customers can earn “green” credits for using vXchnge’s sustainable data center environment.

Sustainability Can Start with IT

Forward-thinking companies are finding ways for IT departments to contribute to sustainability goals. While green initiatives within IT can take shape in a variety of ways, such as setting up carbon offset programs and installing energy-efficient hardware, a company’s choice in data center can make a large impact on organizational sustainability.

IT teams are among those who are doing their part to reduce their energy consumption while maximizing performance and remaining cost-effective. Data centers like vXchnge are implementing innovative solutions to help clients meet their energy efficiency goals and sustainability targets.

vXchnge is using green power to help future-proof companies’ power needs while helping reduce their carbon footprint, and their partnership with Vertiv’s technology is just one example of how they’re helping companies accomplish these sustainability goals.

Learn more about the vXchnge Pittsburgh edge data center’s use of free cooling economizer to help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

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