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vX CMO Ernie Sampera Weighs in on Data Center Connections

By: Blair Felter on May 3, 2017

 Ernie Sampera

Late last month, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal held a panel discussion on the state of the industry for data centers. vXchnge CMO Ernie Sampera joined moderator Amanda Othoudt along with fellow executives from other data center operators.

The discussion explored several familiar industry trends such as location, disaster recovery and cloud computing. Specifically, vXchnge CMO Ernie Sampera spoke to the evolution of the industry as a whole.

“The pace of innovation is what we see driving the need for data center services. It has become far less about physical space and more about getting enough power and cooling to the footprint they (companies) need,” he said.

As the discussion turned to other topics, Ernie highlighted one of the key aspects following the rise of hyperscale cloud computing—the scaling advantage inherent in “one-to-many” connections. Many-to-one connections, on the other hand, produce exactly the sort of direct-connect challenge that up-to-date data center providers solve for content providers. “Flexibility and accessibility are the keys to connectivity. Enterprises need choices as well as the agility to shift when their business needs change.”

The panel discussion covered a great deal of ground describing the data center landscape. And Ernie’s comments are just the tip of the iceberg. If data centers interest you, it’s recommended that you review the entire discussion, available here.

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