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vXchnge Secaucus, NJ: Colo Data Center Spotlight

By: Ernest Sampera on January 14, 2022

When designing and deploying an IT environment with the ability to meet existing and future business needs, organizations need to pay close attention to factors related to location. Even in a connectivity-rich market like the New York City metro area, placing servers in the wrong facility could end up adding costly milliseconds to processing times or leave them vulnerable to crippling downtime. Identifying a provider that can deliver the right connectivity options and edge computing capabilities at a manageable price point without sacrificing performance is often the key challenge facing companies in well-established markets.

Key Considerations for Your Data Center Site Selection

There are a number of factors that always need to be considered when evaluating the ideal place to host the IT equipment that handles application workloads, sensitive data, and digital media content. Even if an organization decides to host everything in the cloud and forego physical infrastructure altogether (which can eventually end up costing more in the long run), the location of the cloud provider’s facilities can still have a significant impact on IT performance.

Location Consideration 1: Proximity to End Users

Today’s networks can process data faster than ever before, but they are still dependent upon physical connections that must comply with the laws of physics. Even with the most sophisticated fiber optic cabling in the world, information transmitted over internet connections still cannot reach, much less exceed, the speed of light. That means they will suffer from latency over long distances, which results in unwanted delays. In many financial industries, even a few milliseconds of lag can cost investors millions in missed opportunities. By locating IT assets in data centers positioned closer to end users and key markets, organizations can limit how far data must travel and keep them from lagging behind the competition.

Location Consideration 2: Power Grid Stability

According to a recent study on data center uptime, the loss of on-site power was the most common cause of outages in 2021. Although quality colocation facilities have multiple redundancies in place to keep their systems up and running, they are ultimately dependent upon the quality of their local energy grid for day to day operations. If the area’s electrical infrastructure is out of date or not reliable, unnecessary strain will be placed upon those backup systems, which increases the risk of downtime. Migrating IT assets into data centers connected to a modernized, stable energy grid that combines conventional power with a mixture of renewable energy sources makes it easier to ensure that mission-critical data and applications remain available when they’re needed most (which is always).

Location Consideration 3: Vulnerability to Natural Disasters

As severe weather events become more commonplace and widespread, organizations need to expand the scope of their disaster planning to account for new and largely unprecedented risks. The idea that a hurricane could threaten data centers in New York City as much as facilities in Florida, for instance, might have sounded outlandish a generation ago, but that’s exactly what happened when Hurricane Sandy crippled multiple locations in Lower Manhattan in 2012. Failing to account for these disasters when choosing a data center site leaves business operations vulnerable to disruption, downtime, and data loss. As the case of Hurricane Sandy demonstrated, selecting a location that can still be supported in the event of an extreme weather event is just as important to risk mitigation as having the right backups and redundancies in place.

Why Store Your Business Data in Secaucus, NJ?

While the average consumer may not be able to locate Secaucus on a map, the New Jersey city has become one of the most important data center hubs in the world over the last two decades. Positioned close to New York City, Secaucus is the ideal location for IT equipment used by the financial services industry. The close proximity to the world’s biggest financial markets provides these companies with low-latency connections that help them overcome the threat of latency arbitrage without the premium costs of hosting servers within the city itself.

Northern New Jersey also features extensive and reliable power infrastructure, as well as a more favorable business environment than New York State. Secaucus is well-positioned to reach customers up and down the eastern seaboard, which makes it an ideal location for edge computing networks and disaster recovery services. As the experience with Hurricane Sandy demonstrated, New Jersey data centers fared much better even in the event of power grid failure because their accessible location made it easier to keep supplied with fuel for their backup generators.

Meet VX NJ-01: Providing NJ and Metro NYC’s Top Data Center Features

Located only a short distance from Newark Airport and Lower Manhattan, VX NJ-01 is a 46,000 sq. ft. colocation data center that provides low-latency access to New York City markets and a secure, reliable foundation for disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. Engineered for perfection, VX NJ-01 offers a 100% uptime SLA with 24x7x365 support from a Bell Systems-trained remote hands team. vXchnge’s New Jersey colocation facility is the ideal home for companies seeking fast, reliable access to New York City financial markets without the high costs of maintaining servers within the city itself. The data center also provides significant growth potential, allowing organizations to expand their reach throughout the eastern US while protecting their applications and data from disaster risks.

vXchnge Secaucus, NJ Colocation Data Center Features

  • Cloud and connectivity exchange with direct cloud on-ramps
  • Carrier neutral ISP options
  • Industry-leading DDoS solution
  • On-site work area recovery space
  • in\site intelligent monitoring (DCIM)
  • Supports 4-14 kW per cabinet
  • 2.5 MW of generator backup with automatic transfer
  • N+1 UPS system
  • N+1 cooling infrastructure and cold aisle containment
  • SOC 2 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001:2031, HIPAA/HITECH, and PCI DSS compliance
  • 24x7x365 on-site security and Remote Hands support

How Secaucus, NJ’s Data Center Features Can Benefit Your Business

From connectivity to disaster recovery, vXchnge’s Secaucus data center services are prepared to meet the operational demands of today’s leading digital-native companies. Whether your business has already implemented hybrid or multi-cloud environments and edge computing strategies or is taking the initial steps of a broader digital transformation journey, our Secaucus, NJ colocation facility provides you with the direct cloud on-ramps and intelligent monitoring systems (through the revolutionary in\site platform) you need to thrive in the 21st century economy.

The vXchnge team stands behind its proven track record of outstanding customer service and uptime reliability. Our commitment to excellence when it comes to transparency and support can help your organization realize its technology potential in the New Jersey and New York City markets. To schedule your tour of our Secaucus, NJ data center, talk to one of our colocation experts today.

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