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vXchnge Celebrates 5 Years: A Look Back on The Journey

By: Ernest Sampera on July 30, 2018

5 years ago this month, vXchnge officially opened its doors and began business. In the grand scheme of things, 5 years seems like yesterday, but in terms of growth, our company has grown exponentially over this half decade. If it wasn’t for the customers we support, the employees that help us grow, and the passion from everyone in the business, these 5 years would have never flown by as quickly as they did.

Our planning and preparation for this company started well over 5 years ago. As we all know, dreams don’t happen overnight. Through long hours of dedication, deliberation, and decisions, vXchnge was officially launched in July of 2013. When we collaborated to create vXchnge, we were all on the same page about a few things- we knew what the industry needed, and we knew that we could provide it. Performance. Reliability. Innovation.

When we began building out vXchnge, our beginnings were very similar to those of other startup companies. While we had a focused vision and strong passion, our business started small, but scaled fast. Small in the sense that our first company purchases were a plastic folding table from Costco and a not-so-fancy color printer. We drew up plans and centered our philosophy around being performance-based to suit the needs of our customers and employees. That was exactly the foundation that vXchnge was built on- customer service and employees that care about the customers.

A common question that often arises is where the name vXchnge came from. During our brainstorming sessions around that plastic table, we knew from the start that our company would inherently be a virtual exchange of information and a transaction of data and commerce for our customers. Therefore, the name itself was practically centered around those two words: virtual exchange. We smooshed them together, took out some letters, and there you have it: vXchnge was born.

We knew from the get-go that we had something different. We saw an opportunity that we could be the leading data center provider for edge markets in the United States. Additionally, we recognized that growth markets needed more data centers to source data closer to their end users to minimize latency. Data centers needed the ability to provide more power and more cooling. And finally, we knew that we could offer customers something that other companies couldn’t. Things like high uptime reliability and transparency through our in\site platform. With that, we grew to the 200+ employee and 500+ customer company we are today.

They say everything can change within a 5-year span, especially when considering how far we have come with the IoT. vXchnge has experienced change as well. Change in a good way. We’ve expanded to 14 data centers across the United States. Our staff has grown from a small team to over 200+ incredible employees throughout the nation. We have one of the most awarded Business Intelligence platforms in the industry with 1000+ logins a month. We have customers, big and small, with hundreds of testimonials professing their trust in vXchnge to protect their brand for their business operations.

What hasn’t changed is the way we do business. We understand the importance of uptime reliability which is why we run with greater than 99.99999%. We know how critical it is to have the best team running a data center, which is why our hiring process for our data center management team is so strict. We often hire many retired military personnel for their critical-thinking skills and decision-making ability under pressure. Not only do we choose the best people to be in the data center, we ensure that they are always there. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our infrastructure must always be able to handle all implemented loads. This means everything will run smoothly. Always. Even if the power goes down.  Interconnectivity is vital to our customers and we will always stay carrier neutral at all of our locations. Visibility into business operations is essential for running a strong business which is why all customers receive access to our innovative and multi-award winning in\site platform. We will never change the back bones of our company which is why our customers have come to rely on us for their business needs.

Reflecting on these past 5 years, vX has made some big strides in reaching many milestones. We have experienced much change in terms of our company growth, but our philosophy has and always will stay the same. We value our customers above all else. We celebrate our employees on all of their accomplishments. Looking forward to the next 10 years, we will continue to grow. We plan to expand our data center locations throughout the United States to more edge markets. We will continue to hire employees that are passionate about helping our customers succeed in their everyday business operations.  And finally, we will continue to build a company that repeatedly protects a wide variety of small, large, and global brands.

So, this month, we celebrate. We celebrate our customers. Our employees. Our growth. And where we aspire to be in the next 10 years. Because if it wasn’t for our people and our customers, vXchnge wouldn’t be who it is today. And for those wondering, yes, we still own and use that Costco plastic table!

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