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What is Intelligent Monitoring?

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on January 6, 2021

When it comes to your business, one of your key requirements is likely your ability to maintain control over your operations. This means being able to assess and respond, in real time, to performance issues that impact your team or your customers. In fact, loss of control is one of the primary concerns decision makers have when considering a move to a colocation. But, what if that didn’t have to be an issue?

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What is Intelligent Monitoring?

what is intelligent monitoring

Intelligent monitoring is a real time look at your server and network’s performance. Rather than providing a historical snapshot of what was happening hours ago, intelligent monitoring offers a continuous live update of what’s happening now. Most monitoring systems are like a video feed in 2005 when the frame rate and streaming capabilities could only show you moments, if not 10 minutes, ago. It’s 2021. Both your video stream and monitoring capabilities need to be responsive and up-to-date.

In short, intelligent monitoring allows you to actively monitor and maintain control over the IT infrastructure that serves your business even though the hardware is located at an offsite colocation. Many colocation providers offer monitoring; fewer offer intelligent monitoring.

How Does Intelligent Monitoring Work?

Intelligent monitoring systems are observational tools that consistently gather usage and performance data from your remote IT infrastructure and “send” it back to you via an interface to allow you to make decisions based on that data. More specifically, it provides a map of your infrastructure that’s useful for your IT operations and management.

For example, you may notice significant usage spikes at certain time periods that result in response time delays for system users. Without the real time data and reporting provided by intelligent monitoring, you may not be able to determine when or why those spikes occur. As a result, any business decisions you make regarding your need to respond to a bottleneck may be impacted by a lack of data.

A bottleneck simply looks like a bottleneck without real time data. With intelligent monitoring, you can narrow down the causes and adjust your strategy or infrastructure based on that data. If we return to our poor video stream analogy, it’s the difference between watching someone walk into a frame, put an object down, and walk out of the frame versus simply seeing that object appear.

Benefits of Intelligent Monitoring for Businesses

data center monitoringFor many businesses today, intelligent monitoring is a vital tool. As you can imagine, one of the primary benefits of intelligent monitoring is the restoration of control over data center management regardless of whether the data center is on-prem or off. However, intelligent monitoring isn’t just about data; it’s about control, management, decision making, and cost savings.

Cost Savings

Any time there’s an issue with your network, whether that’s an outage or something less serious, you need to dedicate your team’s time and efforts into determining the cause. Time spent in discovery is time that team could be spending in development. Further, real time data allows you to track and predict when and where issues might occur so you can address them before they become a problem.

Growing and Troubleshooting 

Because intelligent monitoring provides you with a map of your IT infrastructure, it means your team can look at your configuration and determine the best growth strategy for your IT operations. Real time data may provide significant insight into how you choose to respond to your businesses IT needs.

More specifically, the data can help you determine when you need to expand as you can fully analyze both usage and performance. While scaling up is both positive and important, timing when to scale to match up to your needs is crucial to controlling your costs.

Improved Security

Scarcely a day goes by in the news without a story about a major business being hacked or suffering a data breach. While there are multiple ways for hackers to access a system, being able to monitor usage for unexpected spikes or unknown devices, or even unencrypted devices reported as stolen is a boon to your security strategy. Keeping your data and your customers’ data safe and secure is a vital mission and one that intelligent monitoring can help.

Responsive Reporting

Whether responding to the needs of your IT team or compliance requests from clients, during the RFP process or otherwise, intelligent monitoring allows you to provide requested data quickly. There’s no need to wait for team evaluations or approvals or complex system mapping. Your ability to respond quickly to the demands of your team and clients can often translate directly into successful business results.

How vXchnge's in\site Intelligent Monitoring Can Transform Your Business

insite mobile app for intelligent monitoring

With all the functions noted above, vXchnge’s intelligent monitoring offers a proprietary monitoring platform that’s built to address the needs of your IT operations. Real time monitoring allows you to see usage and performance, and customizable notifications will let you know when those fluctuate outside of your expectations or reach specific thresholds.

Further, in\site’s dashboard allows you to create and submit trouble tickets to the remote hands support team for a rapid response to maintenance concerns. The system will also provide you with updates on those tickets as well as any regularly scheduled maintenance windows or concerns. Thanks to full API integration, these notifications can push out to your existing system.

Should those tickets establish a need for you to increase your bandwidth or upgrade existing services, you can do that directly through the interface as well. You can even check all of this information on the go or on the fly or however you want to be moving. in\site’s mobile app provides all the insights you’ll need to make key decisions for your organization based on real time data.

There’s no need to be concerned with a loss of control or transparency when considering colocation and data center services. Intelligent monitoring, and the colocation providers that offer it, ensure you can keep tabs on your IT infrastructure and even enhance your ability to manage it.

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