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Why Scalable Density Makes a Difference

By: Kaylie Gyarmathy on June 24, 2015

The average data center in the United States is over 11 years old and is having challenges handling the power and cooling requirements of high-density systems. This leaves data center owners (and their colocation customers) with a short (and sometimes unpleasant) list of options.

Here are 3 data center options when you need room to grow:

1. Lease additional space

When you first move to a data center, you may be able to purchase a first right of refusal to space that is adjacent to your current cabinets. In a growth market however, this flexibility may be short-lived because you’re constantly competing with other vendors for the same space. This option can be expensive and may become cost prohibitive for some colocation customers.

Another option might be to lease space in another section of the facility. However, this can run into problems if additional space is not available.

2. Continue expanding at another data center

Another option might be to lease space in another facility. This means that there can be increased travel time for IT staff and the need to maintain redundant equipment at both locations. For administrators and accountants, this can cause additional headaches as they have to handle multiple contracts and deal with multiple providers.

3. Completely move to a bigger data center

While fully moving to a brand-new data center can be the most disruptive of these options and has potential of causing downtime, this gives a company the ability to move to a data center that has scalable density.

The benefits of scalable density

Data center operators are now able to achieve higher density using a scalable infrastructure. Having scalable density allows the data center to be more flexible and have a modular design that can be rapidly built out to efficiently scale power and cooling.

“Scalable density differs from the traditional model in that space becomes only a function of the equipment’s physical dimensions, rather than a function of power and cooling capacity”, according to Future-Proofing Your Data Center Investment with Scalable Density white paper. Scalable density is a design methodology in which the new facility has numerous technologies and efficiency practices in place to allow greater density. This allows colocation customers to have high-density cabinet configurations within an existing footprint.

Scalable density centers:

  • Provide up to three times the power capacity of traditional data centers
  • Improve total cost of ownership
  • Provide higher density cabinet configurations without the need of additional space
  • Allow faster growth without the hassle
  • Reduce operational and capital expenses
  • Allow for greater longevity

This is why it’s so important to find a data center that helps to future proof your investment and provide a scalable density design. This is required to allow your company to grow without worrying about space.

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