Four Steps To Developing A Multi-Cloud Migration Plan

Determining your organization’s right mix of public, private and hybrid cloud options sets you up to make a smart approach to cloud migration. And all successful migrations begin with a migration plan. (more…)

Three Challenges To Optimizing Multi-Cloud Architecture

Determining business and technical requirements and considering technology options may be the first two steps to launching a multi-cloud architecture, but step three, understanding your challenges, often proves to be one of the most critical. In the third entry of our five-part blog ... MORE »

Considering Next-Gen Technologies for a Multi-Cloud Architecture

The first step to constructing and implementing a multi-cloud approach is determining your needs. But once needs are determined, then what? Learn here in the second blog of our five-part blog series. Understanding business, technical and end-user requirements arms you ... MORE »

How to Determine Your Needs for a Multi-Cloud Architecture

The benefits of the public cloud are well-documented and widely accepted, but are they enough? Prospective benefits of cost savings, infrastructure scalability and ease of management drive many businesses to cash in on the public cloud. Unfortunately, these businesses ... MORE »

How Data Center Cooling Works

According to Research & Market’s “Global Data Center Cooling Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022”, the data center cooling market is growing – rapidly. In fact, the report projects it to be worth a staggering $12 billion in just five short ... MORE »

Why Green Data Centers will Bloom in 2017

Sustainable Data Centers are Good for Business and Great for the Environment As data center growth accelerates due to demand from device proliferation, IoT, and SaaS providers, so too does the demand of energy that they consume. According to a ... MORE »

Is Your Business Ready For VPLS?

VPLS, a VPN based WAN Solution that is getting some well deserved attention. Ten years ago, 80% of business data was generated and consumed internally, and only 20% external. Now, the ratio is reversed with 80% of data existing generated ... MORE »

100 IT Decision-makers Share Insight on the Future of Data Centers

Want a glimpse into the future of Smart Data Centers? We’ve compiled a survey-based report from over 100 IT decision-makers. Here are three takeaways: Over 80 percent of respondents agree that availability and reliability are the most important criteria Over 93 ... MORE »

Network Redundancy Primer

Reliable networks are more important than ever, as businesses use them to access corporate and cloud resources. Users are constantly connected via mobile devices throughout the day and night. For these businesses, network outages can be costly, with an average ... MORE »

Why Is A Raised Floor Important?

A raised floor is an elevated floor that is built two inches to four feet above a concrete floor. It creates a space that can be used for cooling, electrical, and mechanical services. In data centers, raised floors are ... MORE »


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