Why Amazon’s Rule Over the Cloud Is Good for Colocation Providers

The cloud market continues to grow, driven primarily by Amazon Web Services’ (AWS’) ever-growing market share. TechCrunch covered AWS’ cloud infrastructure explosion in a recent article, citing findings in Synergy Research Group’s Q3 cloud market report. Highlights of Synergy’s Report: ... MORE »

How MSPs Can Improve Uptime Reliability

When it comes to optimizing uptime, managed services providers (MSPs) are fighting two battles — meeting customer expectations for network availability and managing requirements for application integration, speed and security. And given the high costs of outages, MSPs are ... MORE »

Four Challenges to Uptime for Managed Service Providers

The managed services sector is growing rapidly. Research and Markets has projected the market to accumulate over $240 billion by 2021, with key segments like software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) expected to generate well over $30 billion individually in ... MORE »

A Colocation-Cloud Hybrid Approach: What it Could Mean for Your Business

The prospect of reducing overhead costs and increasing infrastructure flexibility is leading many companies right out the doors of their own private data centers. The Uptime Institute’s 2017 Data Center Industry Survey reports that, while the majority of workloads ... MORE »

3 Reasons Edge Computing Is Critical to IoT  

It’s no secret that today’s IoT paradigm has had a massive impact on IT – and specifically, data centers. Not only has the Internet-of-Things movement pushed data center providers to enhance their services and operations and increase power capacities, it ... MORE »

How to Choose the Right Data Center for Your Business, Part 2: 5 Considerations

In the first part of this blog series, How to Choose the Right Data Center for Your Business Part 1: Defining Your Requirements, we outlined why you should never choose a data center based on price alone and explored ... MORE »

How Companies Choose a Location for Their Data Center

The number of businesses considering third-party data centers will continue to grow. According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index (GCI), 92% of workloads will be processed in cloud-centric data centers by 2020. Additionally, cloud computing is becoming more attractive and ... MORE »

Fact or Fiction? 7 Data Center Trends Revealed

The Uptime Institute recently surveyed more than 1,000 data center executives and end users from around the globe to understand the state of the data center industry in 2017. You can watch the webinar to hear their analysis of ... MORE »

How to Choose the Right Data Center for Your Business, Part 1: Defining Your Requirements

The power and popularity of the cloud have driven many enterprises to rethink their data center investments. One of the biggest pitfalls in this process is shifting everything to the cloud before clearly defining network and business requirements. Bottom line: some applications ... MORE »

Reducing Data Gravity in a Cloud-Centric IT Environment

Scaling Your Way in and out of the Cloud There’s even less reason to build or buy a data center than there was just a few short years ago. Now, even long-term leases are often unnecessary. It’s not news that ... MORE »


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