Podcast: How Data Center Software Enhances Client Security

Not only are future DDoS attacks inevitable, their size, complexity and frequency are increasing. Given this looming threat, is your data center provider implementing the latest security measures to properly protect your corporate data? In this podcast, vXchnge\'s product ... MORE »

Podcast: Top IoT Trends in eHealth Requiring Colocation Data Centers and Cloud Services

Every month TechLAB Innovation Center\'s Sara Rauchwerger shares her insight on industries requiring colocation data centers and cloud services based on current and future IoT demands. In our podcast today, we’re talking about the eHealth IoT trends. Subscribe to ... MORE »

Podcast: How Smarter Customer Portals Improve Data Center Customer Experience

Frank Fini, Director of Operations Control at vXchnge, discusses the standardization of the data center customer experience. Specifically, we\'re talking about how an on-site command center can add a layer of not just security but also convenience and ease ... MORE »

Podcast: Top IoT Trends in Auto Industry Requiring Colocation Data Centers and Cloud Services

In our podcast today, we\'re talking about the IoT trends that will require colocation data centers and cloud services to play a major role. The automobile industry will be our focus and here to share her thoughts is the founder of ... MORE »

Podcast: How ISO 27001 Impacts Edge Data Center Security and Business Performance

vXchnge recently conducted a next-generation data center study and we found that 88% of IT leaders are concerned about data breaches. More of more of these IT leaders are looking to information security standards like ISO 27001 data security ... MORE »

How ISO 27001 Improves Data Security and Business Performance

ISO 27001 is an information security international standard. The framework provides a powerful way for companies to protect their data as well as providing other benefits. “ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements to ... MORE »

Podcast: Cloudamize CEO, Bob Moul, Discusses Cloud Adoption Strategy and the Philly Technology Scene

The journey to the cloud can be difficult. In the first episode of our new Philly Tech Spotlight Podcast vXchnge’s John Panzica interviews Cloudamize CEO, Bob Moul on cloud adoption, industry trends, and the technology scene in Philadelphia. Tweet ... MORE »

Philadelphia Technology Spotlight Podcast Series, Hosted by John Panzica

Starting this week, vXchnge will be producing a monthly podcast series highlighting Technologists and Innovators in the Philadelphia community. The Philly Tech Spotlight Podcast will dive deep into companies, market trends, and the startup community to bring a spotlight to important trends ... MORE »

Podcast: The Power of a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Today more companies are realizing the power of software-defined data center to better grow their business and their brand. SDDC allows better control of infrastructure and virtualization via software giving companies more power, flexibility, and security when choosing a ... MORE »

Podcast: Beating Data Latency and Building Data Centers for Modern Applications

Today speed is more than a competitive advantage, it\'s a best practice. People expect stuff quickly, and this new reality is impacting millions and trillions of dollars of business for your customers and their customers. Today\'s podcast discusses how a ... MORE »


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