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Watch On-DemandManaging Your Digital Office & Empowering Your Remote Workforce

The Importance of Data Centers in Empowering Remote Workforces

As more and more companies work towards achieving digital transformation, the way in which everyday business is conducted is coming under increased scrutiny. The widespread availability of cloud computing and high-speed, low latency internet connections has allowed businesses to explore infrastructural updates that take their workforce out of expensive office spaces and into the virtual workplace of the future. 

vXchnge’s webinar discusses how the pandemic forced a paradigm shift from the focused and centralized in-office workspace to a dispersed and remote contingency — and how businesses need to deeply consider infrastructure changes to match. In this webinar, you’ll hear:

  • Historical context on the rise of fully remote workplaces
  • Data regarding remote workforce effectiveness
  • Insights from a panel of experts regarding virtual workplace benefits
  • 8 ways colocation empowers your remote work environment


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