How Colocation Services are Powering the Remote Workforce Migration

Remote work may be the new normal for modern-day enterprises, but the shift to keep up shouldn’t have to be so difficult for your business. Download our guide today to uncover 5 ways vXchnge can make your move more simple, streamlined, and cost-effective than you ever thought possible!

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Simplify Your Shift to a Remote Workforce with Our Cutting-Edge Colocation Services

Shifting to a remote workforce has numerous business benefits, from increased work/life balance that leads to greater employee productivity to the ability to reduce overhead office expenses. However, if your on-premises data solution isn’t up to the task, working remotely can quickly become unproductive and create more business bottlenecks than solutions. 

For this reason, more and more enterprises are migrating into a colocation data center to facilitate remote work rather than relying on on-prem solutions or the cloud. The result is increased flexibility, agility, and reliability that can help keep your business on the cutting-edge and ahead of the competition.

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Redefine Remote Infrastructure Monitoring with in\site

When you aren’t able to always be physically present at your data center, infrastructure monitoring becomes even more crucial. As modern enterprises are relying more on remote work arrangements and establishing policies to limit direct contact between employees and contractors, they must rethink the way they manage their digital infrastructure.

Intelligent monitoring platforms like vXchnge’s award-winning in\site are at the forefront of this change. Get ahead of the shift and discover what true intelligent monitoring looks like by scheduling a FREE in\site demo with one of our experts.

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Optimize Uptime and Reduce Costs with Remote Hands Services

If your servers go down, how do you resolve the issue without jumping on a plane to fly to a remote location while precious seconds (and dollars) are ticking away? If you’re working remotely, how could you possibly monitor an issue that could be happening at a data center across the country? Your answer is a dedicated remote hands team.

Having remote data center services with smart hands capability means you have professional, certified technicians providing 24x7x365 support to help you get things back up and running quickly—allowing you to maximize system uptime and avoid the costs and health risks of having to send IT staff into the field.

Business Benefits of Remote Hands


Meet Your Customers Where They Are—No Matter Where You’re Working From

Our strategically positioned edge data centers allow your business to deploy new applications and edge computing technologies closer to where your customers are located.

Plus, every one of our carrier-neutral data center locations provides rich connectivity options, up to 7 layers of physical security, and 100% SLA uptime reliability to ensure your data and systems are available when you need it most, with 24x7x365 on-site remote hands support and unparalleled visibility through our award-winning in\site platform.

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Ready to Transform Your Remote Workforce?

vXchnge’s data center services can help you build the network solutions you need to grow your business… but we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Schedule a tour in one of our national data center locations to see for yourself what 100% SLA uptime really looks like!

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