Deployment Assurance

Requirements Change. You Need to Be Ready When They Do.

It’s impossible to perfectly predict your future data center or colocation requirements. But following the right signs can clue you in to how your needs might change. Unfortunately, getting this insight two or three years too late can lead to lengthy and expensive infrastructure migrations or retroactive fixes that put you in the red on your overall investment.

vXchnge is here to lead you in the right direction. By leveraging our Solutions Architects (who have supported thousands of configuration designs and implementations) it ensures the most beneficial infrastructure architecture deployment within our data centers.

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Minimize Downtime During Migration

Are you moving IT infrastructure outside of your walls for the first time, or do you have critical infrastructure that’s moving from one data center to another? vXchnge’s Solution Architects and vXchnge partners can create a plan that protects your investment and helps you minimize downtime.

Get end-to-end migration planning and support, including assistance for:

Deciding which IT assets to move

Technical support for your environment

Location transition

Documentation, setup and testing

Learn best practices future-proofing your data center.

Design a network with optimal redundancy.

Your infrastructure is only as good as your ability to connect to it. That’s why having a carrier neutral data center provider with global connectivity choices matters. At vXchnge, we focus on connectivity options as part of our interconnection exchange, so you can be sure you’re getting the most reliable, redundant and secure service providers AND reducing your WAN costs.

vXchnge solution architects can help you design the perfect network to minimize network latency, maximize uptime and resiliency, and deliver you not just enough connectivity, but the right connectivity to do what you need with your colocated infrastructure.

Learn more about vXchnge’s interconnectivity offerings.

When It Comes to Capacity, Plan for Today and Where You're Going Tomorrow.

Maybe you’re using two racks today, but your business is growing and you may need two more racks in a year or so. Or, maybe you’re looking to expand into new edge markets. No matter what your unique situation is, vXchnge can create a roadmap to accomplishing your current and future infrastructure goals. Based on business plans, application needs and how you’re using your infrastructure, we can put together a capacity roadmap and plan that helps you make the best use of your dollars and sets you up for success in the future.

Whether you’re at the beginning of a data center migration project or want to create growth roadmap for your current infrastructure, contact vXchnge today to get big-picture insights from experts who understand your business.