Is Colocation Infrastructure All the Same?

In a word, no. According to Gartner, some enterprises enter into a colocation partnership needing recommendations for their space, power and cooling needs. This leads users to base decisions off their equipment’s nameplate rating. Higher density deployments are often difficult to architect in data center environments that have not been refreshed or lack investments.

Leverage our expertise and let vXchnge assess your space, power and cooling requirements proactively to improve your operation and TCO.

Power & Cooling Isn't One Size Fits All

You should only pay for the power and cooling you need. Our Solutions Architects (SA's) will help you with your equipment and deployment strategy. Our SA's have years of experience in helping emerging and global business optimize their technology deployments.

If you are looking for any of these, call us:

Reduced costs - Improved TCO

System efficiency

Reduce the risk of downtime

Cabinet Density Isn’t Created Equal.

Your goal should be to fully populate every rack you have. Unfortunately, if a provider limits the amount of power you can use per cabinet, you’ll end up paying extra for unused cabinets and switching equipment. 

vXchnge’s data centers are enabled for high-density deployments. Larger cabinets with greater power capacity equip you to fully stack racks and save costs on extra cabinets and gear switching. Plus, cold aisle containment ensures your equipment can operate at higher power densities. All of our vXchnge data centers are equipped with redundant UPS, backup generators and infrastructure redundancy with a proven track record of >99.99999% uptime.

vXchnge Data Center Features & Awards Include:

Silicon Valley Power Energy Innovator Award

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Top 30 Tech and Telecom Companies

Title 24 California Energy Commission Award



Learn the most important questions about space, power and cooling when selecting a colocation provider.

You Get Greater Control

In the past, colocation facilities created delays and blind spots in areas like maintenance and on-site troubleshooting. As result, hardware failed, TCO spiked and the risk of downtime rose.

vXchnge gives you transparency with your deployed infrastructure. vXchnge’s DCIM solutions and online user interface, in\site, gives you 24x7x365 access to your colocation environment. It’s your infrastructure –  you call the shots.

Use in\site to:

  • Track power and bandwidth usage
  • Monitor mission-critical systems like HVAC, UPS, electrical
  • Keep track of expiring equipment warranties
  • Monitor end-of-life equipment
  • Predictability with capacity planning
  • Compliance Reports

Learn more about vXchnge’s online interface – in\site platform

Interested in colocation with vXchnge? Check out the power, space & cooling capability of a vXchnge data center near you