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in\site Platform Makes Business Decisions Easier

A Data-Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) provider should deliver more than just space and power.  vXchnge's in\site platform delivers a customizable view into your critical infrastructure within any of our 14 national data centers.  in\site delivers analytics, visibility and actionable alerts to enable your team to make quicker and faster business decisions.

Here’s a video on how in\site makes doing business easier from wherever you are.

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Learn how the vXchnge in\site platform optimizes total cost of ownership, improves risk and compliance efficiencies, enhances business decisions and visibility across organizations, and more.

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The in\site platform is vXchnge’s online interface to your smarter micro-data center, giving you the ability to:

  • Track IT asset locations and status in real-time with RFID
  • View your power and network bandwidth usage over any length of time
  • Create notifications with custom thresholds for power and network bandwidth usage to keep you informed
  • Generate security access logs showing who entered the facility and when
  • Submit and track support tickets
  • Manage user access to your data center and also to in\site
  • Stay informed of scheduled maintenance activities, advisories, and other events relevant to your data center
  • Pay your invoices online
  • Download the latest Compliance and Security reports relevant to your business

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We’re really excited about our in\site platform. But that’s what happens when your software wins multiple industry awards. Schedule a time on our calendar to find out how in\site can change the way you think about your IT operations. Our team is ready to answer any questions you might have about your company’s next project.