Create Your Hybrid Cloud Deployment at vXchnge.

When building a Hybrid Cloud architecture, you can select leading global service or network providers with choices tailored to your internet performance and latency requirements. Hybrid clouds are especially useful for growing businesses with many online relationships, such as vendors, clients, customers or service providers.  Now these relationships are enabled with just a single cross connect. With a single cross connect, you get the security of a direct connection and the agility to provision quickly without long term commitments.

Learn more about the benefits of colocation in today’s cloud-centric environment.

Why Cloud?

An interconnected architecture at vXchnge lets you better leverage cloud services with minimal risk to vendor lock-in. Direct connections to key global service providers, like Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and Google gives you the secure bandwidth and low latency solutions you need for robust IT applications and IoT deployments. By-passing the elongated “last mile” interconnections reducing latency, jitter and hops will greatly improve your business application performance. You have the options and choices available through the neutral marketplace. By collocating in our site, you have access to best in class network solutions, services and cloud providers  including DDoS/DNS protection, provided by vX\defend.

How Does It Work?

Building your hybrid cloud is an à la carte process: you can have a look at the interconnection menu options, select the connectivity components you need and get it assembled to order. There are two essential pieces: the public cloud and the private cloud. Our neutral exchange within our data centers enable a secure connection through global service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

The private cloud is your space for your needs.  Connecting wherever with whoever. The possibilities are almost endless.

Our Solutions

1. Internet Services

Interconnect using cross connects from the industry’s leading carriers, or leverage the public Internet.  Bypass “last mile” access charges and start enjoying additional savings and speed.  Cross connect in minutes vs. weeks. The benefits include:

  • Increased redundancy
  • Increased traffic capacities
  • Increased routing control
  • Improve latency

2. vX\defend

Leverage world class DDoS protection to connectivity and protection with vX\defend. Benefit from low latency and multiple routing paths that keep your services online.  Stay protected even if a single ISP becomes unavailable or is under a denial of service attack. Our rationale in building this solution around two world class networking companies offers customers the best of both worlds.  The combination of two different DDoS detecting and mitigation techniques becomes a single seamless service. 

3. Cloud Interconnections

Spin up public and private cloud deployments with pay-as-you-go bandwidth connections in less than a minute. Obtain a single link to any service provider in a network – even if it isn’t inside a given data center.

  • Amazon Webservices (AWS)
  • Microsoft Cloud (Azure)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Your Trading Partners

When the power of choice is on your side, you benefit from the convenience of having one vendor for both colocation and connectivity.