Remote Hands

Your Data Center Should Have Your Back, Front And All Sides...

We operate 24 hours a day, every day, with on-site expert technicians and security. This is to provide the "life line" service your business and customer depend upon. Routine tasks and emergencies should be managed by our technicians as an extended member of your team. The last thing you need is to drive two hours, or even 20 minutes, to make a five-minute fix. That’s not the best use of your time, and it’s not the best use of your data center investments in protecting your business. Save your day for the important work, and let our remote hands put out the fires that protect your brand.

“I issue tickets with others, and you’re the only service provider that calls me back”

– Matt P., Produce Alliance

“Support ticket was created before we could get to it – very responsive”

– George M., - Crystal Graphics

An extra set of eyes, ears and hands inside your data center.

Your data center provider is an extension of your in-house team working on your behalf inside the data center. Still, many enterprises have questions about how much work a remote hands team will actually do.

Some of the most common questions to ask your current provider:

  • Do you support 24x7x365 remote hands onsite services?
  • Do you have qualified technicians on-site in the data center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week each and every day?
  • Do you have technicians who will stack, install & cable equipment?
  • Will you provide help if I need to troubleshoot my IP environment?

At vXchnge, the answer to all of these questions is “yes” – but that’s just the start.


Interested in other questions to ask your remote hands service provider? Read our guide, “3 Steps to Selecting the Right Data Center.”

How the Remote Hands Service Works for You.

They’re your remote hands. They should be designed around your needs. At vXchnge, once you provide a written scope of work, we take care of the rest. You even get to set the priority level, so our team can respond in the most accurate and time-sensitive fashion. Plus, tools like our DCIM system and round-the-clock monitoring make sure that if emergencies or unexpected events happen in your network environment, we know about them before you do. So, if your network becomes unavailable on Christmas morning, you can bet we’re on top of it.

Benefits of vXchnge remote hands:

  • Save time and resources on routine maintenance
  • Maximize use of internal IT talent
  • Expedite resolutions to fire drills and troubleshooting needs
  • Eliminate need for infrastructure oversight

Contact vXchnge today to learn more about our remote hands service and how it can benefit your colocation or data center goals.

What You Get With vXchnge Remote Hands

Get 24x7x365 on-site services for every aspect of your physical data center environment. You get the hands to take care of routine maintenance tasks when they crop up and the eyes and ears to catch issues or emergencies if they happen and before they do damage.

Tap into vXchnge's remote hands to handle:

• Server reboots
• Rack, stack, and cabling installations
• Network circuit troubleshooting
• On-site escorts
• Power/network utilization reporting
• …and much more

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